South Sudan: Geneva Conventions On Humanitarian Rights Ratified


One year after its independence South Sudan signed up the 1949 Geneva Conventions on humanitarian international right, Juba dailies report, underlining how important such a decision is in a country long time torn by a civil war.

The ceremony took place in South Sudan capital city a few days after the Parliament passed a law authorizing the country to ratify the international treaties, concerning both the protection of civilians wounded people and war prisoners and limitations in the use of weapons and in the means and methods of warfare. “The Geneva Conventions must continue to be incorporated into the training and doctrine of South Sudan’s army so they are known and complied with.”, said Melker Mabeck of the International Committee of the Red Cross. According to Dengtiel Ayuen Kuur , chairman of the Committee of Legislation and Justice of the National Legislative Assembly, adhesion to laws restricting the means and methods of warfare must are the key to “forge a path towards peace and prosperity”.

South Sudan gained independence from Kharthoum after a more than 20-year-long civil war which ended only in 2005. In several regions of the country, one of the poorest in Africa tensions are currently due both to the operation of rebel groups and disputes among communities over control of water, grazing land, and – in general – the scarce natural resources available.


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