Ashton Says Libya Enters New Era


EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton commented Thursday that the fall of Sirte marks the end of the Gaddafi era.

“Libya is now under the full control of National Transitional Council forces. After ten months of extraordinary sacrifices, the Libyan people can say with pride and confidence that they have shaken off a regime that terrorised and oppressed for more than 40 years. They can now look to the future,” she said in a statement.

Ashton noted that reports of Colonel Gaddafi’s death have not yet been confirmed.

“If confirmed, his death brings closure to a tragic period in the lives of so many Libyans. Libya is entering a process of transition. It is important that its leadership unites to build a democratic future for the country in full respect for human rights,” she said.

The President of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek stated that if the news concerning Gaddafi’s capture is confirmed, “this is a good and long-awaited day for Libya.”

“I rejoice at the capturing of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi by the National Transitional Council forces and their taking control of Sirte. Gaddafi has inflicted enough suffering to the Libyan people, he will no more,” he noted.

The leader of European Peoples’ Party, the largest political bloc in the European Parliament, Joseph Daul, hailed the new beginning for the entire country of Libya following the demise of Gadaffi. “The Libyan people can now start to rebuild a new Libya based on freedom, pluralist democracy and the rule of law. The people’s right to self-determination has once again prevailed in the Arab World”, said Daul in a statement


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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