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Heil Sturmbannführer Obama – OpEd


By Kian Mokhtari
US President Barack Obama
Let me see now where can I start.

The first Black US president gets behind a podium, delivers a key speech and declares himself, to be a follower of the “science cult.”

And at my age I thought I had experienced all — other than death — that life could have thrown at me.

The science cult is closely associated with National Socialism and indeed the Nazi super weapons and concepts stemmed from an absolute belief that science could bring the Third Reich salvation from the Allies’ relentless attacks on Germany that — thank God — eventually saw to the back of the Nazis and their gang.

President Obama bellowed into the microphone: this is a world of science and knowledge. But would you not know it all the calculations in the world will not be able to rescue the US out of a USD 20 trillion debt, unless of course more markets for its weapons are found.

And sure enough, they are being created under different pretexts by the US and Western military industrial complex.

Immediately following the Obama speech almost the entire Libyan navy equipped with Russian corvettes was attacked and put beyond repair. Oh NATO has been doing its job alright, in Libya, but instead of concentrating its attacks on saving civilians it has been taking out the Libyan armed forces Russian-made weapons and heavy infrastructure far from the battlefield.

In Iraq, today you would find it hard to spot a single major Russian or Chinese-made weapon. Russian T-72 tanks are soaking up the sun in the desert while the expensive to operate and unsuitable US M-1 Abram tanks wear the livery of Iraq’s armed forces. The same story repeats itself in Afghanistan.

So the very countries being spared the rather cinematic “cries for freedom” and the massive military attacks by the US and its Western allies, are those who are not only toeing the US line but also are purchasing American and Western manufactured weapons at break neck speeds while sacrificing the future growth and development of their lands to the US military-industrial complex.

Libya is getting bombed and reeling under sanctions for Gaddafi’s dictatorial rule, while in Bahrain where the Al Khalifa family spends a handsome amount of their people’s cash, without popular consent, on US-made weapons, dialogue we are told by the US president is the only way ahead. People are dying under torture in Bahrain as we speak!

“Who do you think you’re kidding” Mr Obama?

In Saudi Arabia generations of decent, ordinary folk have had their cries for justice stifled. Not only have the US, Britain and other Western powers been aware of the torture houses of Al-e Saud, but in fact they have been lending a hand with torture techniques in Al-e Saud’s medieval jail houses. And all because the kingdom has been keeping the US economy ticking over nicely, via purchases of military hardware worth trillions over the years.

But the sense of urgency, ambiguity and confusion in President Obama’s speech had nothing to do with freedom; no sir.

The US short term debt ceiling has to be raised from USD 14.29 trillion to USD 20 trillion. And the only way the US can do that is through major increases in the sales of its military junk overseas. New markets — previously the domain of the Soviet Union — have to be opened up so America keeps its “triple A” credit rating and the dollar scam proceeds to “where no man has been before.”

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