Gaza: Between Rhetoric And Liberation – OpEd


By Farah Abdul Khaliq

The new Hijri year is upon us, marking the 1434th year since Rasoolullah s.a.w. migrated to Madina and established the Khilafah. But instead of being in a mood of celebration over the victory that was given to the Prophet s.a.w after years of persecution and hardship the Ummah finds herself in a morbid reality, one which is neither befitting her glorious nature nor a testimony of her magnificent past.

It was a Wednesday on 14th November and the Palestinians had not yet recovered from the holocaust of 2008, that Israel decided it was time for more raids and targeted assassinations and rockets. The media coverage has blatantly proven its bias agendas, and world leaders with their one sided condemnations have shown their true colours, where by murder is only murder when the one killed is not a Palestinian otherwise the life lost is not of any worth, even if it be the life of a young child; the child then becomes the terrorist and the perpetrator becomes the civilised law upholder defending himself.

The Muslim ummah all over the world reacted in a manner which was befitting to her, like a single body, united in her thoughts and emotions for her counterpart in Gaza. However the reaction of the so-called Muslim leaders was one of the usual cowardice, hypocrisy and treachery and should be magnified to understand the extent of their treachery and distance from the emotions of the ummah. Namely those leaders who like to use the prefix of ‘Islamists’ and Islamist slogans about liberating Palestine during their election campaigns.

If the past few months have proven anything it is that Islam is used as a tool to appease the Ummah whose intentions have always been sincere, so while the Ummah hopes that the slogans of Islam being the solution and the constitution and look forward to the liberation of Palestine, they are soon disappointed when the respective leaders get into their seat of power. In this regard it would be wise to acknowledge that those who do not rule by Islam care very little about the Muslims who are being massacred right next door, because their bond is not a bond of Iman, it is a bond of greed and benefit. Such is the case with Dr Mohammed Mursi; in his campaign his spokespeople claimed the following; “Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem with God’s will. Our chants shall be: ‘millions of martyrs will march towards Jerusalem’,”

It was further claimed by Safwat Hegazy in Mursi’s election campaign:

“Yes, we will either pray in Jerusalem or we will be martyred there,” and yet more optimistically;

“The United States of the Arabs will be restored on the hands of that man [Mursi] and his supporters. The capital of the [Muslim] Caliphate will be Jerusalem with God’s will,”

But the reality couldn’t be more devastating from these slogans; the reality soon became the same as ever, that just like his previous predecessors;  Mursi became good for talking and only talking, and now we see him being used as a tool by the US to call a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, as if though it is only Hamas members that are being killed and not innocent unarmed civilians. Mursi’s limited ‘action’ points included the following;

  • Recalling his ambassador from Tel Aviv
  • Rallying support at the Cairo-based Arab League
  • Giving further rhetoric about the importance of this issue

Has Mursi then actually done anything  new for Gaza which wasn’t already discussed in rhetoric in the annual Arab league summits?  the answer is a categorical no; Mursi has only taken a few steps of speech to give the illusion that his era is different to that of Mubarak’s, because he fears the wrath of those sincere Muslims who voted him in while holding him to his empty and baseless promises. The same Safwat Hegazy who made promises on Mursi’s behalf of the Caliphate being established has the following to say about the inaction of this unbelieving saviour;

“Be patient as the companions of the Prophet have been patient in their time,” said preacher Safwat Hegazy, who backed Mursi’s election, telling followers “we are building a state that needs years and years of intense efforts.”

They tell us to be patient as the companions of the prophet were patient; let us inform them to be fierce as the companions were fierce; and to enjoin the good and forbid the evil as the companions did, and to defend the honour and life of Muslims as the companions did.

In actual fact Mohammed Mursi is not building a state which is remotely Islamic because his dependency is upon the Whitehouse and he has willingly become the pawn by which Israel and America strengthen their support and stronghold over an isolated Zionist state surrounded by Millions of Muslims and Muslim land. Egypt alone possesses 240 F-16 Fighter Planes, 1200 Air Force Planes, 450,000 Soldiers capable of easing the pain of the Gazan’s by defending their lives, yet we are given empty rhetoric that it will take them years to establish this state which will protect Muslim lives right next door as if though they possess no army.

We can give many examples of the Prophet, the Sahabah and Sallahudin and his likes of when they didn’t take excessive time to plan and plot when it was a matter of a believers life, because the life of the believer has sanctity and they feared its accountability, but it is more appropriate for us that we contrast the example of Saif ad-Din Qutuz with Mursi, who faced the mighty Mongols who were fiercest fighters of the time; such was the fear that the Mongols striked in the hearts of believers that Muslims would dig their own graves to hide in them waiting for the Mongols to leave; when the same Hulagu turned his face towards Egypt however after defeating Damascus; instead of digging a grave to hide in, al-Qutuz started to marched towards the barabaric army of Hulago to deter them and face them with the rightful bravery of a Muslim leader and a soldier, we beg the question; did Mursi not read our history of glorious leaders before assuming the place of leadership? Or did his leadership lessons come from the Whitehouse and Tel Aviv to begin with?

If there were any excuses left to be made for Mursi over his lack of an Islamic constitution, what has been made crystal clear in the past few days is that to expect Mursi to take actual action against the oppression of Muslim in Gaza is nothing short of naïve; this is because Mohammed Mursi is not unlike other  Arab leaders since the very establishment of Israel  who have played the crucial role of making Israel a mental crusader which is invincible; despite the fact that Israel is established in the heart of Muslim lands and sustains itself on the reserve oils that Arab traitors sell it, and the public opinion of the White House from thousands of miles away.

A precedent to the creation of the Israeli state and the actualization of the Balfour Declaration was the dismemberment of the Muslim world through Sykes-Picot under the auspices of Colonial domination. Our collective consciousness shifted from a trans-historical and universal affiliation to an Ummah to that of identification with an artificial state. Each of these newly constructed states had their own “national or internal interests” and “foreign policies”. And hence our military strength was essentially neutralized and the future of these nation-states determined by the  their political dependence on hegemonic Western powers. Lacking political or economic immunity and military strength, these states provided the newly implanted Israeli state the ability to flourish with only minor disturbances. Devastating defeats of the Arab armies in 1967 and 1973 testified to the weakness and futility of the divided military strength of our Ummah. From both a strategic and principled perspective, dealing with the Israel involves the creation of a strong political and economic entity with a united military force which can act as a counter-weight and counter-hegemonic force to both Israel and its hegemonic partners in the region. Such a model can be no other then the Khilafah, unless one still envisions a pan-Arab state. However, the political establishment in Egypt only serves to legitimize the very same nation-state borders which we must dismantle. At best, the new government in Egypt can spew anti-Israeli rhetoric and support small acts of resistance localized and concentrated in Gaza or the West Bank. Real solutions however are only prolonged so long as we recognize the legitimacy of these false borders and more so, if we continue to reproduce them through political participation.

The Zionist state was the first thorn in the eyes of the Ummah after the contrived destruction of the Khilafah, thus it is only rational that the return of that very Khilafah which in the palaces of Istanbul once refused to sell Palestine to the Zionist, be the solution for the Muslims in Gaza; because it is only the army of the Khilafah that will adopt the interest of the Muslims and not puppet leaders whose agendas are set by their Western masters.

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