President Obama, Iran Is In Pursuit Of A Nuclear Weapon


President Obama should have no doubt. Iran is in pursuit of Nuclear Weapons. The question is what is the rest of the world going to do about it?

President Obama’s conciliatory words toward Iran in his November 14 press conference should not send Tehran a message that they now have more time to play around and drag-on the international standoff they have created while covertly continuing pursuit of Nuclear Weapons. Instead, any message to Iran should include the words that the country should “adhere to its international obligations or else…” The words after else is the key phrase.

Iran must be forced to back down from its nuclear weapons program. The Iranian regime will not give up its nuclear drive unless it sees that to have the bomb will mean having to pay the ultimate price.

President Obama told reporters on November 14 that, while he very much wants to see s diplomatic resolution to the problem, he has always made it clear that “We’re not going to let Iran get a nuclear weapon.”

President Obama believes there is still a window open for talks. No objection while I may disagree. But negotiations should not be open ended. There must be a time limit and schedule of rising pressures. If we have to talk, any talks with the mullahs must precede and, if failed, proceed with punitive actions. We have to be firm and thorough. We have to get the message across into Iran’s deaf ears.

Indeed, the time limit ended long ago. As a result Iran is closer than ever to having the nuclear bomb today. So, Presidents Obama should know that it is too dangerous to give Tehran another chance.

President Obama should know that Iran does not need to “enjoy peaceful nuclear power.” That is because such energy source would be too expensive for the country. Iran has natural gas reserves for the next three hundred years. If Iran is going through all this trouble just to get electricity, we really have to think the Ayatollahs are out of their minds. But any other conclusion from the fact is that Iran is looking for an opportunity to become a nuclear armed state.

To become a nuclear state, Iran may even halt its advancement toward the bomb for a while. It can get everything ready to make the final step and then just put everything in freezer to fend off the international pressures. And then, at the right time and the first opportunity, make the leap ahead and announce having the bomb.

International community cannot trust the Iranian mullahs particularly if they are armed with nuclear weapons. Even if they really give up the race to nuclear bomb, what about terrorism and their human rights record?

Nima Sharif

Nima Sharif is an Iranian-American human rights and political activist. He writes frequently for various publications in this regard and he is also the editor of Stop Fundamentalism website.

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