Spain Denies Offer Of Unilateral Nature To France To Modify Military Deployment


The Government of Spain on Friday denied an offer of a unilateral nature to France to modify military deployment following the attacks in Paris. In a press statement, the Spanish government added, “Furthermore, it wishes to specify that, to date, neither France nor the International Coalition against DAESH have requested any form of increased contribution from our country.”

The Government of Spain recalled that it is already actively participating in the International Coalition against the Islamic State (DAESH) in Iraq, and it also maintains a defensive presence in Turkey under the mandate of NATO.

“These operations received widespread support from the political forces as a whole represented in Parliament,” the Spanish government said in the press statement.

“Spain has also maintained extensive collaboration with France for many years on the issue of the fight against terrorism, as well as heightened bilateral contact related to our joint military mission,” the government said.

The Spanish government added that it, “finally wishes to point out that the commitment expressed by the President of the Government to the different Spanish political groups to inform them of the development of the situation in the fight against Jihadi terrorism as relevant, remains in effect.”

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