Situation Of Afghan Refugees In Danger – OpEd


Afghan refugees from Pakistan need shelter, water and food during winter. At a time of lack of humanitarian aid, Afghan refugees from Pakistan need help as they repatriate back to their homeland during the cold winter months. This comes as some 2.5 million Afghans are forced to leave from Pakistan. According to organizations on the ground, they have stated that humanitarian funds are running out.

It becomes clear that not all Afghans will need shelter, water, and food. However, those in the humanitarian corridors will. There is no indication what life would be like for them after having spent many years in Pakistan. In the first place they left Afghanistan was because of Taliban and war. And now, Pakistan sending them back is inhumane due to similar risks.

The winter months are very cold in Afghanistan and there is a high need for heat like wood, etc…

During the cold winter, temperature could rise to as low as -21 degrees Celcius.

Even those waiting to be repatriated to foreign countries like Canada have been sent back to Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, tensions are growing inside Afghanistan as the former military workers starts to seek for support. This will likely create problems in the interim and could very well destabilize Afghanistan once again.

After sending Afghan refugees back, Pakistani authorities have put their lives at danger. This means they have given little consideration to international humanitarian laws. This comes as Pakistan itself is having political and economic problems. 

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai

Meladul Haq Ahmadzai is an Afghan-Canadian citizen who lives in Ottawa and CEO of Taleam Systems.

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