Iran: 30 Thugs Vandalise Karroubi Home Using Sound Grenades


Close to thirty “state thugs” have attacked the residence of Mahdi Karroubi in complete coordination with Intelligence Ministry agents responsible for keeping the opposition leader under house arrest.

According to Sahamn News, the official website of Karroubi’s National Trust Party, on Monday between 1-2am local time, state-sponsored hooligans gathered outside the home of the former parliament speaker and chanted “Seyed Ali mirazmad, Karroubi milarzad” (“Seyed Ali [Khamenei] fights, Karroubi shivers”). Khamenei’s goons also smashed the windows of Karroubi’s home and threw sound grenades into the complex.

Saham News also reports that police forces were not present at the scene and Intelligence Ministry’s agents charged with maintaining Karroubi under house arrest had temporarily left the scene for the state-thugs to cause maximum terror and havoc in the neighbourhood, causing Mr Karroubi’s shocked neighbours to came out onto the street to witness what had happened. Khamenei’s supporters then started threatening and insulting the neighbours.

Residence of Mahdi Karroubi
Residence of Mahdi Karroubi

An eyewitness told Saham News that when a lady to take pictures of the assailants, she was beaten up by pro-government forces who tried to apprehend her but were unable to do so after the intervention of locals.

In the end, the men stated very clearly that they were carrying out the orders of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and were awaiting his orders to decapitate and hang the Green Movement leader and his wife Fatemeh Karroubi.

For thirteen days now, Mahdi Karroubi and his wife have been under full house arrest and there is currently no news about the couple’s well-being following last night’s attacks.

The recent attacks against Karroubi seem to be a direct outcome of the anti-government protests across the country on Sunday.


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