US Muslim Group Demands Immediate Action For People Of Libya


On behalf of the American Muslim community, ISNA said Tuesday that it is appealing to President Obama to take the lead as the United Nations deliberates “over the unfolding atrocities committed by Gaddafi and his regime.”

“We ask President Obama to intervene immediately on behalf of the Libyan people,” said ISNA, or the Islamic Society of North America, in a statement.

ISNA noted that “Gaddafi, who has already used air strikes to gun down defenseless protesters, has stated he has not even used massive force yet and has threatened to use it against the entire country if they do not stop their peaceful protests.  This threat of pending massive force is frightening, considering the fact he has already murdered hundreds, injured thousands, and committed horrific acts of violence. ”

As of Feb 21, the International Coalition Against War Criminals has reported 519 peaceful protesters dead, 3980 injured, and 1500 missing in Libya.

“If America sits by and does nothing, we will witness another disaster similar to what happened to Iraqi Kurds in 1988, Rwanda in 1994, and Serbanista in 1996.  Given these events in recent history, we will have no excuse if we allow it to happen again,” the statement continued.

ISNA said it is urging President Obama to publicly demand: An end to unlawful use of force against peaceful protesters; Condemn Gaddafi’s brutal crimes against humanity and indicting him to be tried in the International Criminal Court;  Opening the Egypt-Libya, Tunisia-Libya borders immediately which have been blocked and swiftly sending the Libyan people humanitarian aid and relief supplies such as medicine, blood, food, and other basic provisions. Relief efforts have currently mobilized, however they have been stopped at Egyptian border control; Enhancing media awareness and focusing attention on the inhumane violence
being inflicted on unarmed Libyan civilians; Calling on the United Nations Security Council to take decisive action and stop
the massacre of innocent civilians; Demand Libya to restore access to the internet; Impose an embargo on all exports of arms and security equipment to Libya.

“The Gaddafi regime has declared war against the people of Libya, stating that it would fight the Libyan protesters to the very last bullet.  To hesitate will surely lead to disaster.  This can be described as nothing other than a pending horrific genocide and the international community must take action on behalf of the people of Libya to prevent more senseless murders from taking place,” said ISNA President Imam Mohamed Magid.

“It is a moral imperative that the American Government and its people stand on the right side of history—the side of the people heroically protesting for their freedom and dignity against Gaddafi’s tyranny, terrorism, and oppression.  We pray for the people of Libya and for their safety and peace.” said ISNA Secretary General Safaa Zarzour.

2 thoughts on “US Muslim Group Demands Immediate Action For People Of Libya

  • February 22, 2011 at 8:48 pm

    It is not the function of the United States to be some world police power.

    Africa needs to solve it’s own problems.

    If this group wants to be a part of the mess over there, well the US isn’t denying them a visa – they can go over there on their own dime and at their own risk.

  • February 22, 2011 at 9:27 pm

    These people amaze me.

    They want The US out of the Mid-East till there is something they want then they want us there.

    We need to pull ALL of our troops out and let them settle it between themselves.

    I am tired of their bull.


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