Azerbaijan, Russia Eye Creating Joint Ventures In Three Sectors


By Azad Hasanli

Azerbaijani and Russian companies may soon create joint ventures in the fields of industry, pharmaceutics and construction, Executive Director of the Russia-Azerbaijan Business Council Yuri Danilov said in an interview with Trend.

Danilov stressed that there are already projects (on establishment of joint ventures), which are at a high stage of readiness, approved by both the Azerbaijani and Russian sides.

“Metalworking, oil machinery building, chemical industry, carriage engineering, production of building materials and processing of agricultural products may be other areas useful for cooperation and setting up joint ventures,” he added.

“Today, we see a great interest of Russian businesses in working in Azerbaijani market,” Danilov said.

Further steps to develop Russia-Azerbaijan cooperation

“Today, the Russia-Azerbaijan cooperation is reaching a new level and there is a great interest of the business communities of the two countries in the development of close trade relations,” Danilov added.

“I think that today it is important to simplify trade and economic cooperation, create joint Russian-Azerbaijani production facilities in Azerbaijan, as well as share technologies and transit potential of the country,” he said.

“I think the potential is very big,” he said. “In many areas we can advance and intensify cooperation. The authorities of both countries are currently engaged in an active dialogue for development of bilateral relations and removal of barriers to business. I can also stress great interest of Russian businesses in increasing exports of goods, produced in our country, to Azerbaijan.”

Russia-Azerbaijan Business Council to intensify activity

“Alexei Repik was elected new chairman of the Council, president of the all-Russia public organization Delovaya Rossiya following a meeting of the Russia-Azerbaijan Business Council on July 17,” Danilov said.

He said a list of promising projects of bilateral cooperation is being formed.

“Proposals for implementation of those projects are being prepared. A number of significant events, including the 9th Russia-Azerbaijan inter-regional forum in Ganja, the meeting of the Russia-Azerbaijan intergovernmental commission, etc. are planned to be held soon,” Danilov said. “In all these events, the Russia-Azerbaijan Business Council will take an active part.”

The main objective of the Russia-Azerbaijan Business Council is to expand and develop business contacts, mutually beneficial cooperation between Russian and Azerbaijani entrepreneurs, promote Russian business in the Azerbaijani market, organize a constructive dialogue between business circles of both countries, reveal opportunities for expansion and diversification of Russia-Azerbaijan interaction in the business sector, including joint investment projects being implemented in Azerbaijan.

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