Spain: 2,020,430 Foreign Citizens Contributed To Social Security System In July


The number of foreign workers registered with the Spanish Social Security system stood at 2,020,430 in July. This is an increase of 8.02% on the same month last year or 150,033 more people registered. This is the largest July increase since 2007 in absolute terms. The year-on-year increase last July stood at 7.06%.

In month-on-month terms, the number of foreign citizens in Spanish employment fell by 0.3% (6,130 fewer). July 2017 saw a similar month-on-month trend in foreign contributors (-0.27%).

Of the total number of foreign workers contributing to the Spanish Social Security system, 41.57% are from EU countries and 58.43% are from further afield.

The largest groups of foreign workers come from Romania (345,747), Morocco (245,600), Italy (117,444), China (103,644) and Ecuador (75,119). These countries are followed by Colombia (65,679), the United Kingdom (65,304), Bulgaria (61,062), Portugal (52,703) and Bolivia (51,844).

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