Bernie Sanders: On Netanyahu’s Recent Comments Rejecting Two-State Solution – OpEd


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu recently said, “In any future arrangement…Israel needs security control of all territory west of the Jordan,” adding that, “I told this truth to our friends, the Americans…the prime minister needs to be able to say no, even to our best friends.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu is right – we do need to be able to say NO to our friends. He has made his position clear: He will never allow a Palestinian state, ever. He will continue his devastating war against innocent Palestinian men, women, and children. He will block the food, water, and medical supplies needed to prevent mass starvation and sickness.

Now, we must make our position clear.

Despite the illegal and inhumane actions of Netanyahu’s government, President Biden has thus far offered unconditional support to Israel. That must change. President Biden must now loudly and clearly say NO to the policies of Netanyahu’s right-wing extremist government. That is what a true friend of Israel must do in this moment.

And Congress must act. There must be no more U.S. military aid to Israel to continue Netanyahu’s war. Humanitarian aid must be immediately allowed to reach those in need. A safe release of all remaining hostages must be negotiated. Israel must work towards a lasting peace that allows two states for two peoples.

If Netanyahu continues down the path of military domination, he must do so alone. The United States cannot be complicit

Sen. Bernard Sanders

Sen. Bernard "Bernie" Sanders is an American politician serving as the senior United States senator from Vermont, a seat he has held since 2007.

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