Spain And Portugal To Maintain Bilateral Fisheries Agreement


Spain and Portugal have reached an agreement in principle to renew the bilateral agreement governing access by the fishing fleets of the two countries to continental waters and those adjacent to the mouths of the River Miño and the River Guadiana. As has been the case in recent years, this agreement will allow better management of Iberian fish stocks and lend stability to fishing activity.

The fishing presence of the Spanish and Portuguese fleets in Portuguese waters has been governed by bilateral agreements since 1986, demonstrating the stable relationship that has been maintained in this regard. They have been operating correctly and been highly beneficial for the fisheries sector in both Spain and Portugal.

This bilateral agreement forms part of the mechanisms provided for by the base regulations of the current Common Fisheries Policy that is in effect until the end of 2020, constituting a commitment to regulating access to the waters of the two countries, both within and beyond the 12-mile exclusive economic zone of each country.

This new agreement will make it possible to maintain a sustainable balance in fishing operations, while also guaranteeing stability for the fleets. The corresponding internal administrative procedures needed for formal ratification will now begin in the two countries.

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