Yemen: ‘Tolerance Friday’ Demonstration Aimed At Countering Opposition Protest


Local Yemen media is claiming that up to two million people will fill the capital Sana’a’s streets in support of the government.

Citing “well-informed sources”, state media agency SABA said that the pro-government demonstration – billed as “Tolerance Friday” – is meant to counter a protest march in front of the presidential palace called for by opposition parties.

In a separate SABA report, Tareq al-Shami, an official in the ruling party of the General People’s Congress, said he regretted comments made by the Mohammed Qahtan, the spokesman for the opposition Joint Meeting Parties, who had called for the protest march.

According to SABA, al-Shami claims that the protest call shows the involvement of foreign influences.

“We regret the issuance of such statement from the JMP and consider it an adventure shows the Muslim Brotherhood and the leadership of the JMP’s lack of responsibility”, al-Shami was quoted as saying.

In the opinion of Al-Shami, the JMP is attempting to stage a coup, and denied that the opposition parties’ allegations that the protest would be peaceful.

Yemen’s government was  dismissed this past weekend amidst the ongoing upheaval within the country.

The Presidential Decree No. 14 for 2011 was issued on Sunday stipulating the dismissal of the government of Prime Minister Ali Mujawar,

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