Iran Says NATO Shield In Service Of Israel


Commander Ahmad Vahidi, the Iranian Defence Minister, says NATO’s anti-missile shield in Turkey is really a defence system for Israel and he accuses Turkey of double-dealing in its stance against Israel.

An ISNA report quotes Vahid as saying: “There is no justification for establishing this defence system, and we see it as a U.S. defence strategy for the Zionist regime.”

Vahidi said Israel cannot be saved by such measures because its problems lie in its “lack of legitimacy and internal collapse … the freedom and awakening of the regional nations …. [and] the takeover of its embassy by Egypt’s Muslims.”

Vahidi went on to say that the West is trying to limit Russia and Iran’s regional influence but he called those efforts “futile.”

Last November, NATO approved the establishment of anti-missile shields in Europe to defend against possible ballistic missile attacks by Iran.

This month, Turkish authorities announced they have agreed to let NATO set up an anti-missile shield in Turkey.

Iran has condemned the Turkish move and accused the country of “using double standards” in its stance against Israel.

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