Sri Lanka: President Sirisena Says Upcoming Election Could Be Won Through Progressive Political Movement


From the past to present no one has been able to come to power without an alliance or a common front and likewise the upcoming Presidential Election could only be won through a leftist progressive political movement, claimed Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena during the SLFP Matara district convention which was held at the Weligama Town Hall on September 22.

Sirisena further added that it is necessary to establish a party of politicians who are committed to serve the country for the upcoming Presidential Elections. The SLFP will never support any party, which consists of thieves, corrupt persons, the underworld or assassins, he added.

Sirisena highlighted that no party can win the election without obtaining the support of the SLFP.

Sirisena said that the next government should launch a programme to win the hearts of patriotic people in every ethnic divide and for all the ethnic groups to be able to live in an equitable society is a crying need of the country.

Sirisena said a government, which never bows down before foreign powers, should be formed in the country. He added that except the SLFP, the government as well as the opposition is being engaged in discussions with foreign embassies.

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