Iran Foreign Ministry Issues Statement On EU Sanctions


Iran’s Foreign Ministry has denounced the European Union (EU) for adopting “imprudent and unjustifiable” decisions on Tehran, saying an EU embargo on Iran’s oil will have adverse consequences for the Europeans.

The Islamic Republic slams such unprincipled moves and insists on its policy of establishing relations with countries based on international regulations and rights as well as mutual respect, said Iran’s Foreign Ministry in a statement.

It seems that the EU is pursuing the unwise policies of the United States and seeks to distract public opinion from the popular justice-seeking awakening movement against discrimination and capitalism by way of spreading propaganda, it added.

Tehran has repeatedly insisted on the peaceful nature of its nuclear program and proceeded with cooperation in line with regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the statement read, adding that it has spared no efforts to give clarification on its nuclear activities.

It emphasized that the Iranian nation has constantly proved that it would never give up its legitimate and legal rights under pressure and will never yield to such approaches by insisting on just and fair principles, and commitment to international peace and stability.

The ministry cautioned the Western authorities that any confrontation with sovereign nations and inclination to curb their progress would complicate the current global situation.

It held the EU accountable for such off-the-cuff decisions and efforts aimed at creating tension.

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