Indian Media A Forefront Enemy Of Pakistan – OpEd


The expansion of phony news is a genuine and calculated form of conflict between states. A rising number of nations are utilizing disinformation missions to impact and adjust popular assessment at home and abroad. While state-drove falsehood crusades via web-based entertainment are a new peculiarity, a report by the RAND corporation, an American non-profit global policy think tank, recommends a few nations have utilized this strategy abroad to advance and promote a particular narrative – and much of the time against an unfamiliar foe. Such deceptive missions that drive unconfirmed data via web-based entertainment, the research organization says, have indented functional triumphs, however their general effect is sure. Notwithstanding, it alerts that the spread of falsehood will probably increment over the approaching years.

However, the talk processes churned constantly out deceiving data about Pakistan and its inclinations. Throughout recent years alone, supported content against Pakistan has pounded a few topics, including the advancement of online patterns about civil-military friction, ascent of patriotism, government common conflict, Kashmir strategy, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, treatment of minorities and rising radicalization. 

Certainly, certain India media channels broadcasts against Pakistan on their television shows that heightens the instable political issues against Pakistan. Presumably, misleading news against Pakistan has come as radical state who not just persecute key privileges, sadly, marked Pakistan as a terrorism state. In this case, Indian media absolutely changes out the political unsteadiness and fear monger exercises in Pakistan one of the front as its plan to prolong the tension between Pakistan, Afghanistan and increasing insurgency in Pakistan.

Furthermore, territorial disputes between India and Pakistan have been harshly manipulated by Indian media. Kashmir issue that exists between India and Pakistan that are not enabling political affiliation between sovereign states. The Modi government repeals articles 370 and 35A that abrogated the autonomous status of Kashmir. Furthermore, 12 million Kashmiris were kept without web for quite some time, imprisoned their political chiefs, denied kids to go to schools, and prohibited writers from covering the region. The move uncovered Modi’s forceful strategies by worldwide media while it has been shielded and safeguarded by Indian media because of its Hindutva strategy and prompted the decay of relations with Islamabad. Besides, The Indian government confronted extreme analysis from the homegrown and worldwide media when a Kashmiri writer Fahad Shah was captured on baseless and manufactured allegations. 

Indian media and state organs, feeding a mill of lies and propaganda have no credibility in nature. Indian anti-Pakistan narrative is totally unmerited and terrible. Indian media ought to play contributing part to foster great political ties, they ought to depict Pakistan as a harmony cherishing country, other than this India should interdict its few news and different channels that main spread disdain against Pakistan. These few issues that Indian media depicts could never result great and succeed result. In any case, Indian is less inclined to pick unsteadiness and pressure rather than harmony concurrence with Pakistan.

Certainly, The FATF and the wider international community has over and again recognized the means taken by Pakistan to work on its AML/CFT system. Notwithstanding India’s hot endeavors to politicize the cycle and cast questions on Pakistan’s endeavors and achievements, FATF concurred in its June 2022 whole gathering that Pakistan had completely accomplished all meaningful and procedural prerequisites of the two of its 2018 and 2021 Activity Plans. Understanding that there are no takers of its defamations inside FATF, India is frantically endeavoring to advance its pernicious goals through a trademark disinformation crusade. Pakistan has brought this common malafide to the consideration of FATF.

In addition, Indian media adopted silence over Hindu extremist activities in India. The massacre and Hindutva is not new, that has been coming since decades by several Indian political parties but foremost Bhartya Janata Party (BJP). We have seen the Delhi mobs and Sikh massacre in 1984 where huge number of Sikhs had been killed. The slaughter was a coordinated arrangement that permitted the counter Sikh hordes to go after Sikhs against the death of Indra Gandhi, the then State head by his Sikh guardian. It is accepted that numerous congressmen were behind the 1984 Sikhs slaughter. The slaughter left minorities in India miserable opposite their future.

Moreover, the anti-Muslim mission in India is definitely not a new peculiarity. The 2002, anti-Muslim program under Narendra Modi prompted the Muslims massacre eliminating more than 1,000 Muslims. The state was useful for empowering agitators to go after each Muslim house and put it enduring an onslaught. Modi, the central pastor of Gujrat around then accepted to choose to disregard the agitators which caused many losses and boundless savagery. Most importantly, the ongoing second term of the BJP is very perilous for Muslims as well as for India as a country too which is driving it to division on a strict premise. The Citizenship Amendment Act of 2019 permitted all beliefs from Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to get Indian citizenship with the exception of Muslims. Likewise, Muslims were prohibited from the Public Register of Residents too, lifting absolutely no chance for Muslims to get Indian citizenship.

To conclude, media channels overall assumes the part of depicting state issues. It is without a doubt huge that particular measure is required, that should be taken by media channels to advance solidarity and a feeling of good-country. India media ought to have a feeling of depicting reality nature of information rather misleading outline. They ought to go about as a free pre-imperative of a state then, at that point, being a specialist of ideological group, that advances individual party interests.

Sheraz Wahid is currently doing his MS-International Relations from International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI). The author area of interest covers International Politics and strategic affairs of South Asia. 

One thought on “Indian Media A Forefront Enemy Of Pakistan – OpEd

  • January 26, 2023 at 6:30 am

    It is the other way around ‘Pak Media A Forefront Enemy Of India’. Almost daily one comes across editorials Anti India and Modi in Pak newspapers Dawn,The News. Even in Eurasia Review Paki authors keep writing such trash. India has better things to do than waste time on such issues .India has moved beyond all this but our neighbour is still stuck to the past Mughal glory. Pakistan having failed on all fronts has to keep certain issues boiling like Afghanistan and Kashmir to divert the attention of its people from the daily burning issues facing the common people. All minority communities including Muslims in India have held highest positions including the President and large numbers have risen to the ranks of Generals. Women have held positions of Presidents,Primeminister, CMs, Governors and Generals.There is excessive freedom of speech in India Visa Vis Pakistan.How many journalists have disappeared in Pakistan should be taken note of.The peace of advise the author gives to India need to be applied in house first.


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