NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg On Second Anniversary Of Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion Of Ukraine – Statement


Today, we mark two years since Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine. Starting the biggest war in Europe since World War Two. Let me begin by honouring all those brave Ukrainians who have fallen or been wounded in defence of their homeland. 

The situation on the battlefield remains extremely serious. President Putin’s aim to dominate Ukraine has not changed.
And there are no indications that he is preparing for peace.

But we must not lose heart. Ukraine has demonstrated remarkable skill and fierce determination again and again.

Ukraine did not collapse in weeks, as many feared it would. You have recaptured half of the territory seized by Russia.
Pushed Russia back from large parts of the Black Sea. And inflicted heavy losses on the Russian forces.

Above all, Ukraine retains its freedom and independence. This has been made possible by your courage and resolve.
Enabled by major military and economic support from NATO Allies. Just in the past days and weeks, NATO Allies have announced new packages of aid worth billions of dollars. These cover key capabilities like artillery ammunition, air defence, and combat boats. As well as F-16 equipment and spare parts, drones, and demining equipment.

More support is on the way. 

President Putin started this war because he wanted to close NATO’s door, and deny Ukraine the right to choose its own path. But he has achieved the exact opposite: Ukraine is now closer to NATO than ever before.

We are helping to make your forces more and more interoperable with Allies. We will open a new Joint Analysis, Training and Education Centre in Poland together. And we are deepening our political ties through the NATO-Ukraine Council, where we consult and make decisions together.

Ukraine will join NATO. It is not a question of if, but of when.

As we prepare you for that day, NATO will continue to stand with Ukraine. For your security, and for ours.

Jens Stoltenberg

Jens Stoltenberg is the NATO Secretary General.

One thought on “NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg On Second Anniversary Of Russia’s Full-Scale Invasion Of Ukraine – Statement

  • February 25, 2024 at 6:29 am

    There has never been any doubt about NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg Stand on Ukraine. “NATO stands with Ukraine.” He has been instrumental in garnering and coordinating support including weapons, ammunition, and training. “Ukraine’s rightful place is in NATO, and over time, our support will help you make this possible.” “Weapons Are – In Fact – The Way To Peace.” NATO’s expansion eastwards forced Putin to attack Ukraine having prewarned NATO Chief of the consequences. Ukraine has become a victim of a conflict between the US–NATO combine and Russia. The UN has failed to intervene to prevent or end the Russia-Ukraine War: “A War which should not have Happened” the combine blame goes to US-NATO. Negotiations are the only way out to give Ukraine Peace a Chance.


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