Iran Claims It Hacked Into 3 Hostile Planes


Iran has recently hacked into three enemy planes that were flying near the country’s air border for espionage, a commander announced. 

In an interview with Tasnim, the managing director of Iran Electronics Industries –a subsidiary of the Ministry of Defense- highlighted the country’s advances in countering the electronic warfare waged by the enemies.

Brigadier General Amir Rastegari said the Iranian experts have developed state-of-the-art equipment used for detecting and acting against a range of wavelengths and frequencies in the electronic warfare.

Iran is now able to monitor all electromagnetic spectra and take the necessary offensive action against them, he added.

The general said a hostile aircraft was flying within the aerial borders of Iran recently and spread waves to gather information, but the Iranian servicemen jammed the plane’s signals.

The hostile plane’s pilot thought the aircraft systems have been having technical problems, so he called the base to inform on a return from the mission, General Rastegari noted, adding that Iran has a record of his conversations.

The general stated that two other enemy planes flew towards Iran a day later and carried a reconnaissance mission together, but the Iranian systems jammed both of them again, because Iran has gained the capability to take action in that specific bandwidth.

He said the two planes realized that they were being jammed by Iran’s ground systems and reported to their base that they could not continue with the mission.

The general explained that Iran can combat threats from hundreds of kilometers away.

In October 2022, an Iranian deputy defense minister highlighted the country’s great progress in the air defense industry, saying the military forces have jammed a hostile reconnaissance aircraft at a distance of 400 kilometers.

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