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US Opposition To “Flotilla 2” Condemned


The European Campaign to End the Siege on Gaza (ECESG) has denounced US attitude towards “Freedom Flotilla 2” expected to sail to the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip within a few days’ time in an effort to break the embargo on the enclave.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rejected on Friday the humanitarian effort as a provocative act against Israel.

The campaign said in a release that the recent US position would give Israeli occupying forces a green light to attack the “Freedom Flotilla 2”.

Human rights activists, politicians, media figures and lawyers from some 40 countries are expected to be aboard Gaza-destined aid ships, it said.

Meanwhile, Israeli navy commander Elieser Maroom warned that his troops would block the convoy, calling on all countries not to allow their citizens to join the flotilla.

Maroom also alleged that the convoy would give Hamas the ability to possess large quantities of weapons, warning that allowing the convoy to sail could lead to adverse repercussions.

In response, the campaign further stressed that Israel has no right to prevent Freedom Flotilla 2 from reaching the Gaza Strip, underlining that all those on board are civilians and human right activists brining humanitarian assistance to the besieged Palestinians.


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