Libya: Rebels Claim They Know Location Of Gaddafi And Close To Capturing Him


A leader among the Libyan rebels on Thursday, said that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, had taken refuge with his children in a building not far from his Bab al Aziziyah headquarters in Tripoli.

According to him, rebel forces are surrounding the area in an attempt to capture the Gaddafis.


There are many reports about Gaddafi’s whereabouts. A French magazine said he might hide in Tripoli zoo. The newspaper said the “Washington Post, “America: The zoo in Tripoli is located near the Bab al Azizia, as this area is still under the control of Gaddafi loyalists.

It added that rebel forces were close to arrest the defeated Libyan leader on Wednesday, when they raided a house in Tripoli which he was hiding in. When they arrived the house, based on a tip from a credible source, Gaddafi was not there. However, according to the magazine, the raiding forces found evidence that the Libyan leader had spent at least one night.

The French magazine, quoting Western and Libyan intelligence agencies believe that Gaddafi is still somewhere in the Libyan capital.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the rebels are facing resistance from Gaddafi’s troops in the southern parts of the capital. One rebel leader said his forces were able to “liberate 80 percent of the capital.”

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