Nasrallah: NATO Won’t Attack In Syria For Fear Of Israel Security


Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah has voiced confidence that Syria has overcome the danger, stressing that the regime of Bashar Assad has been targeted because of its “resisting identity.”

“Because of the serious efforts made by the Syrian leadership, Syria successfully crossed most of the dangerous period. We say it clearly, we don’t want the ouster of the Syrian regime, for the sake of some of the Syrian people, and another regime will not be safe for them”, Nasrallah said in an interview to al Manar TV.

“What’s happening in Syria is not a call for reform and change; it’s a bid to oust the regime, who has been fighting US and Israel”.

He ruled out any military interference in Syria, noting that Syria’s events have repercussions on Lebanon, and adding that most of the Syrian people were backing the resisting regime. “The West would not wage any military war against Syria, because it is neighboring Israel, and they fear this would affect the security of Israel. External interference will not achieve any goal in Syria now because of the majority’s support to the regime”.

“What happens in Syria has repercussions on Lebanon. Syria is not an enemy state unlike Israel, and the Syrian people backed the regime that supported the resistance… and are supporting it and its reforms now”.

Sayyed Nasrallah also denied as “lies” the reports that had said Hizbullah has sent fighters to Syria, noting that Assad wasn’t weak. “Most of the media reports about Syria are false, all the claims that we have sent fighters to Syria to support the regime are lies. We haven’t sent even one fighter to Syria because we don’t interfere in such a way, and the leadership in Syria is not weak so that it asks Hizbullah for fighters “.

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