ill Stein Raises Over $3 Million In 24hrs For Vote Recount


The Green Party’s 2016 presidential candidate Jill Stein has raised over $3.8 million in less than 24 hours to fund vote recounts in swing states Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Stein is nearing her overall goal of $4.5 million to cover the recount costs in all three states, and so far the Wisconsin funding has been completed in time to meet the recount filing deadline of November 25.

Funding for Pennsylvania’s recount is also well underway, where the deadline for filing for a recount is Monday. The fundraising site says that after meeting Pennsylvania’s cost goals, the team will turn its attention to Michigan, which has a Wednesday deadline.

Stein, who won about 1.2 million votes in the presidential election, launched an online fundraising campaign Wednesday in an effort to “ensure the integrity of our elections” and “demand recounts in these three states where the data suggest a significant need to verify machine-counted vote totals.”

Stein says the $4.5 million in funds is required by state law to cover “filing fees alone” and claims the total cost including attorney fees is likely to reach $6-7 million.

Together, the three states carry a total of 46 electoral votes, and Trump would have to lose all three in the recount for them to impact the presidential result. Stein’s fundraising success has prompted mixed responses on social media, with some people suggesting the move undemocratic in refusing to accept the results as they stand, or is too late to be effective.

Others poked fun at the situation through memes or by suggesting moments they would have sought a vote recall.


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