Orange Bank Launches In Spain


After the launch of its own bank in France, Spain becomes the second country in Orange’s global footprint to launch Orange Bank on Monday, reinforcing the Group’s multiservice strategy and diversification into mobile and financial services across its markets.

Launching Monday across Spain, Orange Bank is an innovative 100% mobile-based banking offer for Spanish consumers. Customers will be able to open a current account with a Spanish IBAN, without any registration fee required. Customers opening a new savings account will also benefit from 1% interest remuneration on savings deposits of up to 20,000 euros, the highest available rate in Spain.

Paul de Leusse, CEO, Orange Bank, commented: “Orange Bank, now strongly established in France with 500,000 customers after two years’ of existence, is proud to expand its footprint with its Spanish branch. I congratulate the multidisciplinary teams of professionals across France and Spain who worked in a truly agile mode to deliver this new and unique offer in Spain, one of the Gro up’s largest European markets. Banking and financial services is a key strand of the Group’s multiservice strategy and reinforces Orange’s commitment to deliver services designed to enrich our customers’ lives.” 

100% mobile bank in Spain

Orange customers will be able to access all of their banking services, at any time of the day, via their mobile. An Orange Bank app with a native interface ensures the best mobile experience in the market. From this app, customers can perform day-to-day banking operations, such as checking their expenses, paying with Apple Pay, moving their money between their savings and cheque accounts, making free SEPA transfers, and managing their card, for example, to freeze a card temporarily in case of loss or to reactivate it again if found. The app’s chat functionality enables customers to easily interact with banking agents for help and assistance at a click of a button.

In compliance with all banking regulation requirements, customers can also access these banking services safely and securely using the biometric feature on their mobile phone, eliminating the need to remember complex passwords.

One of main innovations is its group management functionality, which allows the sharing or transfer of monies and expenses among several people. Customers will be able to pay or manage subscriptions shared with multiple people, such as a water bill or a Netflix subscription).

As Narciso Perales, General Director of Orange Bank in Spain explains: “Banking is accelerating towards an online model, concentrated around access via mobiles, and Orange wants to play a leading role by providing a competitive, simple and accessible offer at any time and place. One of our differentiating values lies precisely in being a bank that does not come from the traditional banking space. Our hallmark as a leading telco enables us to be the most suited to design a mobile banking service for today’s highly mobile population.”

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