Dutch police arrest 12 Somalis terrorism suspects


Dutch police have arrested 12 Somali men in Rotterdam on suspicion of terrorism, Radio Netherlands reported today afternoon.

Officers raided a telephone shop, four homes in Rotterdam and two rooms in a motel in Gilze-Rijen in the south of the Netherlands, it said.

The men aged from 19 to 48 were picked up by the anti-terrorism squad on Friday evening. Six of them live in Rotterdam, five are of no fixed abode and one man lives in Denmark.

The police investigation and subsequent arrests were the result of information issued by the Dutch intelligence agency (AIVD) on Friday afternoon.

The radio quoted Dutch National Counter-terrorism Coordinator Erik Akerboom saying that “the Jihadists view the Netherlands as a legitimate target because of what they see as discrimination against Muslims and blasphemy against Islam and the Prophet Muhammad”.

An estimated one million Muslims live in the Nethrlands whihc has a population of about 17 million.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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