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Republicans Plan Response to Obama Speech


Republicans will respond to U.S. President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday, followed by remarks from the conservative Tea Party movement.


Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin will deliver the official Republican response, while Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota will make remarks representing the Tea Party.

Ryan, the new chairman of the House of Representatives Budget Committee, is planning to tell Americans that their skepticism of both political parties is justified, especially regarding spending. In an excerpt of his statement posted on Facebook, Ryan says lawmakers owe people a “better choice” and “different vision” and vows that a new Republican budget plan will tackle debt reduction, job creation and government reform.

Bachmann’s office also released excerpts of her statement, which will come after Ryan’s. She is expected to accuse President Obama of overseeing an “unprecedented explosion of government spending and debt.” She will also promote cutting the size of government and express her belief that the House of Representatives is “in the early days of a history-making turn.”

Republicans took control of the House in November’s midterm elections.

The Tea Party movement developed in earnest last year following an outcry against big government, taxes and President Obama’s health care reform.  


The movement derives its name from the Boston Tea Party of 1773, when colonists destroyed British tea to protest taxes that were being imposed.


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