Iran, Turkey Sign 10 New Agreements


Top officials from Iran and Turkey signed ten cooperation documents in various fields during Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s official visit to Ankara, as the two neighbors weighed plans to meet the target of $30 billion in annual trade exchange. 

Raisi traveled to Ankara on Wednesday for his first state visit to Turkey as the president of Iran.

Following the 8th meeting of the High Council of Iran-Turkey Cooperation in the evening, senior officials from the two countries signed 10 cooperation documents in the fields of culture, media and communication, rail and air transportation, electricity, energy, and economic and free trade zones.

Speaking at a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Raisi highlighted the determination of the authorities of the two countries to promote relations in various sectors, especially in the commercial and economic field.

“We believe that the two countries, with their very high capacities, can take important steps in the path of development and leap in relations, and in this regard, in the first stage, it is targeted to increase commercial and economic cooperation to $30 billion, which with the efforts of economic leaders and activists of the two countries, it is completely possible to be achieved,” Raisi said, his official website reported.

He also described the serious will of the regional countries in the fight against terrorism as the only way to create stability and security in the region, adding, “The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the security of Turkey and other countries in the region as its own security, the smallest insecurity in a corner of the region affects stability and security of the entire region, therefore, the cooperation of the countries of the region in this field and in the direction of neutralizing the conspiracy of the domination system to sow discord among the nations of the region, separatism and create insecurity will be very effective.”

Referring to the issue of Palestine and the atrocities and crimes committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza as one of the most important issues affecting the Islamic world, President Raisi said the support from the US and certain Western countries for the Zionist regime in committing crimes against the people of Gaza have added to the depth of this tragedy.

“It is more unfortunate that all international organizations and institutions, whose main task is to protect human rights and global security, have completely lost their efficiency in these crimes and have gone to the sidelines,” Raisi said.

“Certainly, the cooperation between Iran and Turkey with other Islamic countries and free nations concerned about human rights will be very effective in creating and replacing the new and just world order or the current unjust system,” he underlined.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey agree on supporting Palestine, the Islamic resistance, the realization of the rights of the Palestinian people, lifting the 75-year occupation of the occupiers and they believe that the continuation of the crime will neither legitimize nor bring ownership,” the Iranian president stated.

Lauding the Turkish nation for supporting the Palestinian people and expressing disgust and hatred for the aggression of the Israeli regime, the president added, “Today, after more than 100 days of crimes against the people of Gaza, the victor of this field is the oppressed and powerful people of this region and the defeated party in this field is the Zionist regime and we believe that the final victory will belong to the Palestinian nation.”

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