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Yemen President Says Plot Against Nation’s Unity


Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh said Saturday that there is a plot to undermine the nation’s unity, reports Yemeni state media agency SABA.


According to SABA, Saleh said there are forces seeking to separate Yemen’s south, with others wishing to turn the north into a priesthood imamate. “They are now destroying every nice thing in Aden, for nothing but selfishness and remnants of colonialism,” said Saleh, adding that those who some of those who are committing vandalism are mercenaries, according to SABA.


Saleh made the comments at a Saturday meeting with Yemen military leaders, according to SABA.

“The country is going through great difficulties since four years … and we are trying all means to address and overcome these difficulties through democratic means, but to no avail, although the political leadership provided a package of reforms,” Saleh said, according to SABA.

“This package of reforms (is) designed to calm the situations and heal the rift between all political forces and maintain the security, stability and unity of the country”, Saleh said, while reiterating that there is a hidden agenda since the end of the 1994 summer war to divide the country.

Accordingto SABA, Saleh said that “We are confident that our people and the great national institution will abort any plots and they will not accept to return to the past.”


With respect to the ongoing demonstrations, SABA reported Saleh repeated that they are guaranteed by the Constitution and the law, adding that the military bears full responsibility in maintaining the security, unity, freedom and democracy in Yemen

“We say to the Yemeni people that the homeland is safe as long as it is in the hands of its brave sons, who will defend its unity”, Saleh said.

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