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Iran Slams Appointment Of UN Human Rights Investigator


Iran says the resolution recently passed by UN Human Rights Council calling for closer scrutiny of the state of human rights in the country “has no legal validity and is completely disqualified.”

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, the head of Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, told Mehr News Agency: “The Islamic Republic should not accept the suggested rapporteur in this resolution to report on the state of human right in our country.”


“It is not the first time we see such positions against the Islamic Rebublic regarding human rights issues,” Boroujerdi added. “They result from Islamic Republic’s complete independence and the failure of the oppressive political system that dominates the world today.”

Yesterday, the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva narrowly approved a U.S.- and Swedish-backed proposal to appoint a special rapporteur for the Islamic Republic. The proposal was approved 22-7 with 14 abstentions and 4 members not participating.

The Council expressed concern over the “oppression of dissidents” and the surge in executions in Iran. But Boroujerdi insisted that the state of human rights in Iran is quite good given the country’s particular characteristics: “[A]nd the freedoms that are enjoyed in our country and the security in such an open condition is highly favourable.”

The Head of Iran’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said the whole of the United Nations and especially the security council is under the influence of the U.S. and its allies, and in terms of human rights they have a double standard.

Boroujerdi noted the Israeli bombings of Gaza and the state of countries such as Libya, Bahrain and Yemen, adding that “we did not witness any timely and binding reactions from the United Nations.”

Condemning the “oppressive and unfair” policies of the UN, Boroujerdi added: “We should not pay any attention to such resolutions.”

Last night on state television, Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said: “The passage of the anti-Iranian resolution at the UN Human Rights Council cannot be justified. It is politically motivated and it was approved under U.S. pressure.”

“The objective behind this resolution was to pressure the Islamic Republic of Iran and divert attention from human rights abuses in the West, specifically in the U.S.,” he added.

On Wednesday, Islamic Republic representatives responded to the UN Secretary General’s concerns as expressed in an 18-page report: the execution of political prisoners, juvenile offenders and drug traffickers; the arrest of journalists, lawyers and bloggers; as well as reports of torture and unfair trials.

Ban Ki-moon noted that the Iranian panel did not address any of the issues and merely resorted to general statements and sloganeering.

Iran’s failure to cooperate with the UN Human Rights investigator may lead to international pressure.

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