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Yemen: President Saleh Ready To Step Down; Talks With Opposition Fail


A spokesman for Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Saturday said talks with the opposition have made no progress toward a deal on the president’s possible resignation.


According to the AP, Ahmed al-Sufi conveyed Saleh’s vice president and political adviser met Saturday with the U.S. ambassador and tribal and military leaders who have defected to the opposition.

He said the ruling party wanted to discuss a transition, but that the opposition demanded Saleh’s immediate departure. He called the demand unacceptable.

Earlier Saleh was quoted as saying he was “ready to leave office in an honorable way, even within hours.” However, Saleh denied reports that an agreement on the transfer of powers was expected Saturday.

Meanwhile, a Yemeni security source confirmed the killing of six al-Qaeda members Saturday, in a clash with the army in the southern Yemeni province of Abyan.

The source said that “Al-Qaeda launched an attack on a military unit stationed near a power station in Lauder, but the soldiers confronted them strongly. The clash resulted in the killing of six of the attackers.”


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