Iran Rejects Kuwait, Jordan’s Statement On Arash Gas Field


The Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman rejected a joint statement about the Arash gas field issued by Kuwait and Jordan during the Kuwaiti emir’s recent trip to Amman, reasserting Iran’s right to exploit the field that is shared with its southwestern neighbors. 

Reacting to Kuwait’s claim to Arash field, Nasser Kanaani said on Wednesday that making a unilateral claim in such statements does not create any right for the claimant.

Pointing to the previous talks between Iran and Kuwait, he advised the Kuwaiti officials to avoid the wrong path of media hype on the matter and instead return to technical and legal negotiations, which would be the best and most appropriate way to deal with the issue.

The spokesman noted that based on its historical rights and previous bilateral talks, Iran is ready to continue negotiations to come up with a framework that entails respect for mutual interests.

Underscoring the principle of good faith in regional interactions, Kanaani stressed the need for the third parties to avoid interference in the issue.

Undoubtedly, relevant governments can reach a necessary agreement in light of friendly cooperation and in line with mutual interests while keeping away from media controversies, he added.

The dispute over the Arash gas field dates back to the 1960s when Iran and Kuwait were awarded overlapping offshore concessions for the field following its discovery.

The dispute has undergone several rounds of assertions and rebuttals by the involved parties, becoming a friction point among the three neighboring states of the Persian Gulf.

Iran says dialogue is the fundamental means to resolve the dispute.

The Arash gas field is estimated to contain reserves of 20 trillion cubic feet of gas, potentially yielding a daily output of one billion cubic feet. Some studies show approximately 40% of the field lies within Iranian maritime boundaries, Press TV reported.

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