Thailand: UDD Leaders And Lawyer Amsterdam Condemn Judicial Creeping Coup


At an emergency meeting held in Hong Kong today, UDD leader, Thida tavornsetr, discussed with Robert Amsterdam, counsel to both UDD and Jatuporn Prompan, the ongoing coordinated attack by Thai government and army against red shirts leaders. Jatuporn Prompan, a red shirt leader, has his bail recently revoked on national security ground.

Chairman Thida discussed with Amsterdam the upcoming hearing on June 2, 2011 when 17 other members of the UDD leadership are to face new Lese Majeste charges related to their ‘body language’ during the speech given by Jatuporn on April 10, 2011. This direct interference in the political process by the Department of Special Investigation as directed by Army Commander in Chief; General Prayuth Chan-ocha. The charges, Amsterdam said, reflects direct interference in the political process by both Thai army and the Department of Special Investigation.

UDD acting Chairman, Thida stated that “we must bring to the attention of international monitoring body the ongoing use of Thai laws to deprive the Thai people of their representatives at this crucial moment of Thai history”. In instructing Amsterdam to take all necessary measure, she went on to say that with 40 days left to go in the campaign, it is already clear that Thai authorities are resorting to the Court to stuff the ballot box.

By operation of Section 100 of the 2007 Constitution together with the election laws, the ruling military backed Democrat party is seeking to win the vote by continuing the Thai practice of banning political figures through operational of laws, said Robert Amsterdam. This action against Jatuporn is the first used of this methodology in the 2011 election and Amsterdam warned that a future hearing contemplated on June 2, 2011 may signify a new round in the ongoing elite’s practice of what is known in Thailand as a ‘creeping coup’.

Acting UDD Chairman Thida said that ‘We demand the Thai regime to stop using the word reconciliation while it continues to engage in practices that deprive Thai citizens from their basic civil and political rights that is the exercise of the rights to vote”. Thida insisted that without the rules of laws, there can never be true reconciliation in Thailand.

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