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Dubai Police Chief Warns Of Plot To Overthrow Gulf Leaders


Dubai police chief warned Wednesday night against an “international conspiracy” to overthrow the governments of the Gulf countries, saying the region should prepare for the threats by Muslim dissidents, Syria or Iran. “A global conspiracy is being prepared against the Gulf states in particular and against the Arab countries in general (…) There is a willingness programmed to seize our fortunes,” said Dahi Khalfan, who is known for his outspokenness.


“The more our sovereign wealth funds bigger and we put more money into banks in Western countries, the same is the plot to overthrow our governments. The (Muslim) Brothers and their governments in North Africa and Damascus should be aware that the Gulf is a red line, not only for Iran but also for the Brothers themselves. ”

These remarks came after the arrest by the UAE of at least 20 dissidents in April, according to relatives of prisoners and activists. The authorities have been concerned by the implications of the breakthrough made by the Muslim Brotherhoods in Egypt.

Emirati officials announced last week that authorities were investigating a group with ties to foreign bodies who was preparing for “crimes against state security”, without specifying their political affiliation.

“I did not know there were so many of the Muslim Brotherhood sin the Gulf countries. We must remain vigilant because the more these groups are growing, the greater the probability that there are disorders,” Khalfan said. “We are aware that groups are plotting to overthrow the governments of Gulf countries in the long run.”


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