Ukraine Celebrated Anniversary Of Failed Revolution – OpEd


By Viktoriia Demydova

On November 22, the Ukrainians celebrated Freedom Day. On this day, seven years ago, the Orange Revolution began.

For November 22, 2011, the Kiev City State Administration prohibited mass actions in the center of the city, explaining the decision by the possible distortions they can cause for the visit of Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite. The Kiev City State Administration noted that the security of the citizens is one of the main tasks not only for the interior ministry, but also for the city administration.

In the evening, the Kiev city party organization of the Bat’kivshchyna Party organized a meeting at the Square of Independence. Another leader of the Orange Revolution and the Our Ukraine Party also joined the meeting. They were supported by the Coalition of Participants of the Orange Revolution that also ignored the ban and gathered at the Square around midnight.

It is important to note that on the eve of the anniversary of the Orange Revolution, the Square of Independence was surrounded by a metal fence. The city administration explained this as a preparation for the New Year Tree installation.

On the Internet, a marathon devoted to the anniversary of the Orange Revolution took place. During the marathon, politicians, journalists and social activists discussed the events of 2004 and their consequences. The organizers of the marathon were the journalists and volunteers that are not members of political organizations and do not seek any political goals. Ex-president Viktor Yushchenko took part in the marathon. In his speech, he thanked all the participants of the 2004 events, no matter whether they supported the government in power or the Orange opposition, and wished for unity and mutual understanding in the Ukrainian nation.

As Yushchenko noted, the achievements of the Orange Revolution would serve Ukrainians for many years: “What is most important for the Ukrainian nation is our freedom and democracy. Seven years ago, the nation, which did not have its statehood for centuries and was persecuted for its language and culture, got up from its knees,” the ex-president said.

As it is known, on November 22, 2004, in the Square of Independence in Kiev, people dissatisfied with the results of the presidential elections gathered. Under their pressure, the results of the elections were abrogated and a new round of elections was applied. Following it, Viktor Yushchenko became the Ukrainian President.


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