Spain: “Convergence And Union” Wins Elections In Catalonia


Ruling nationalist coalition “Convergence and Union alliance” (CiU) has won the elections in this autonomy in the north-east of Spain, but ceded its former positions.

These are the results after 100% of the ballots have been counted.

The CiU not only failed to get an absolute majority in the regional parliament, as anticipated by its chairman and current head of the autonomy Artur Mas, but also lost 12 seats.

Location of Catalonia within Spain.
Location of Catalonia within Spain.

If earlier it was represented by 62 deputies, now the number has fallen to 50, which corresponds to 30.5% of the votes.

Thus, the Mas does not get an absolute majority in parliament (68 seats) required to implement the idea of separation of the region from Spain.

Second place was taken by the Republican Left of Catalonia, with 21 seats, thereby doubling their presence due to a 13.6 % vote by local residents.

Third place went to the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party – 14.4% and 20 seats. Observers note a record-high voter turnout, which was at 69.4%.


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