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Samil Ayrim Awarded The ‘Pride Of Azerbaijan’ Gold Order – OpEd


On February 17, 2020 a memorable event was held at the administrative building of “Marmara Group” Strategic and Social Studies Foundation in Istanbul, Turkey, in which the editor-in-chief of “My Azerbaijan” international magazine Emil Nasirli presented the “Pride of Azerbaijan” Golden Order of the magazine to Samil Ayrim (Head of Turkey-Azerbaijan inter-parliamentary friendship group),  an Azerbaijani politician by origin who operates in Turkey.

According to Azerbaijan State News Agency (AZERTAC),  “Emil Nasirli, editor-in-chief of Azerbaijan International Magazine, spoke about the constant strengthening of the Azerbaijani-Turkish relations based on historical friendship, mutual trust, sincere relations, high level cooperation, strong native-national relations of these two countries by possessing the same genocide, language, religion, culture and many other aspects of relations, including the fact that the two countries have always become close to each other in happy and sad days.”

For Mr. Emil Nasirli: “the relations between the socio-political, socio-economic organizations of the two countries, as well as the media organizations in the Azerbaijani-Turkish relations have a special direction. Our countryman, the head of the Turkey-Azerbaijan Inter-parliamentary Friendship Group, had a great role in the development of these relations.” 

In this occasion, Mr. Emil Nasirli praised the role of Mr. Ayrim in supporting the two countries’ interconnectedness and expressed their willingness underlining to work more closely among both sides in the development of Turkish-Azerbaijani relations.

Furthermore, Mr. Emil Nasirli said that Turkey and Azerbaijan are active and key participants in the regional cooperation process, and that both countries effectively use their economic and energy potential; geopolitical position to enhance bilateral and regional cooperation is used efficiently. Mr. Emil Nasirli especially emphasized in his statement that Mr. Ayrim has made every effort to ensure the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, always urging the Turkish government to consistently defend the just demands of Azerbaijan from the first days of the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, securing the historical lands of Azerbaijan invaded by Armenia.

Mr. Samil Ayrim, a well-known Azerbaijani politician and head of the Turkey-Azerbaijan inter-parliamentary friendship group expressed his gratitude to Editor-in-chief Emil Nasirli and the editorial staff of the International magazine “My Azerbaijan” upon receiving the award of the Golden Order “Pride of Azerbaijan”. 

While speaking about the importance of expanding ties in the context of the Azerbaijani-Turkish relations covering all levels of society, Samil Ayrim stated in a greater length that they cover a wide range of activities aimed at contributing to bilateral relations. Mr. Samil Ayrim spoke about the Nagorno-Karabakh problem; he noted that high level of state and government representatives will never change their principled position about building relations with Armenia until the fair settlement of the conflict with Azerbaijan is solved.   

At this memorable meeting, Mr. Akkan Suver, the Chairman of the Marmara Group Strategic and Social Studies Foundation of Turkey, noted that: “Turkey-Azerbaijan relations have played a very important role for both countries and the region at the moment, and the existence of strategic partnership between the two countries and successful development of bilateral relations in all spheres.” At the same time, Mr. Akkan Suver underlined that expanding cooperation and strategic partnership between the two countries has become a significant indicator of stability in the region.

A version of this article was first published by the Azerbaijan State News Agency (AZERTAC), Source:

Peter Tase

Peter Tase

Peter Tase is a contributor, freelance journalist and a research scholar of Paraguayan Studies and Latin American Affairs in the United States; he is the founder of Paraguay Economic Forum in Milwaukee, United States. Educated at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and Marquette University, Tase is the author of "Simultaneous Dictionary in Five Languages: Guarani, English, Italian, Albanian and Spanish" and "El Dr. FEDERICO FRANCO y Su Mandato Presidencial en la Historia del Paraguay." Tase has written many articles on Paraguay's current Foreign Policy, Latin American Affairs and MERCOSUR regional trade issues for Eurasia Review and the Council on Hemispheric Affairs in Washington, D.C.. Peter has appeared on SNT Cerro Cora, Asuncion and appeared in “Tribuna Pública” in TV Publica Paraguay, as well as given interviews for Diario 5 Dias in Paraguay, ABC Color, Ultima Hora, IP Paraguay, Revista PLUS+, Radio Ñandutí, Radio Nacional del Paraguay, and Spero News. Tase completed a Congressional Internship in the Office of Congressman Richard Pombo (CA-11), U.S. House of Representatives, and studied U.S. Government and International Affairs at the Les Aspin Center for Government in Washington, D.C.. In 2012 he was an adviser of Foreign Affairs and International trade Issues to the Chairman of the Committee on Trade, Tourism and Industry in the National Congress of Paraguay. Peter Tase is fluent in Guarani, Italian, Spanish, Albanian and mainly writes in English and Spanish.

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