Yemen President Says Wants To Transfer Power To People Peacefully


Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh said that he wants to transfer power peacefully to the “Yemeni people and not to the chaos,” reports the Yemen state news agency SABA.

“Meetings were held on Thursday and Friday in the house of Vice President (Abdu Rabo Mansour Hadi) by leaders of the Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) and Major General Ali Mohsen in presence of the U.S. ambassador’,” President Saleh said in an interview with Dubai-based satellite TV channel al-Arabiya aired on early Sunday, reported SABA.

“The discussions focused on how to get out of the current crisis and what is the way to address this crisis,” Saleh said, according to SABA.

SABA reported that Saleh said that the agenda of the meetings was based on his speeches in the parliament and the general national congress, a 8-point plan presented by Muslim clerics and a 5-point plan by the JMP opposition groups.

That said, SABA noted that President Saleh rejected the demands of the JMP for the departure of the regime and the handover of the power to the opposition.

‘’We do not have a problem to meet their demands for the departure of the regime… but for whom? and how?,” Saleh said, according to SABA.

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