Iran Issues Permits For Chinese Labourers


The Iranian Minister of Labour has approved the entry of Chinese labourers into Iran, even as Iranian workers suffer from widespread unemployment.

ILNA reports that Iran’s unemployment crisis grows on a daily basis, and yet Labour Minister Abdolreza Sheikoleslami is issuing work permits for Chinese workers.

In the ceremony for signing agreements between the Iranian Ministry of Labour and China’s Social Security and Human Power Ministry, Sheikoleslami said: “Other than the Tehran-North Freeway, there have been no other requests from Chinese investors for the hiring of Chinese labour; however, I have used my authority to clear the way for the employment of Chinese labourers in this operation.”

Analysts have criticized the government’s move to employ Chinese workers amidst an unemployment crisis. The Jahan-e Sanat daily published an article entitled “Chinese workers pour into Iran!”, saying: “It wasn’t enough that Chinese goods have been pouring into the market, now our job market has also fallen into Chinese hands.”

The article adds that if the work permits were being issued for specialized experts, the move might have been understandable, but permits for general labourers cannot be justified.

In recent years, Iranian media have been continuously reporting the closure of factories and manufacturing facilities all across the country, and the situation for Iranian workers has been deteriorating, with rising layoffs and work that goes unpaid.

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