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Egypt: German Experts To Check Mubarak Health


Medical sources were quoted as saying on Sunday that a team of German doctors are expected to arrive in Sharm el-Sheikh within hours in order to check former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Among its members, the doctor who performed Mubarak’s surgery last year in Germany.


The sources said that the main task of the medical team is “to evaluate Mubarak’s health and verify if he suffers from cancer of the or not.” The sources added: “This decision does not violate the law.”

Dr. Abdul Hamid Abaza, the Assistant of the Health Minister for Technical Affairs and Political Rights conveyed: “The ministry does not have any medical documents, which confirms the fact that the former president suffers from cancer.”

Last week Mubarak’ s lawyer stated the former leader is suffering from cancer. Abaza, however, said that the report on Mubarak’s cancer are «uncertain», pointing out that he does not know anything about medical reports which confirm this illness.

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