Trump Vs Aristotle: Russiagate And Metaphysical Thoughts Of A President – OpEd


In previous articles1 we assumed that since the belligerent camp of those in favor of Trump was extremely well represented, as well as the hostile camp of those opposing Trump, and both were discharging weapons in such a powerful form and with such successful lethal achievements – and with absolute no signs of rest – it wouldn’t make much sense to be added to those fights if not in terms of an adjournment in contribution to some new daily warfare events (which are daily naturally present, but also skillfully media multiplied).

Given the daily combat practice by the media to straightaway jump on any new Trump declaration – true or fake – using the very rich and articulated pre-judging qualified armed membership of each camp, ready to use media guns, missiles video, YouTube artilleries, and all set of deadly chat weaponries, I decided not to enter that dangerous frontline. Living at distance from my (elected) homeland (beloved Los Angeles), to add fuel to the pros and cons to such highly top qualified murdering factions, so well-equipped with the best destructive media weapons, could be of little or no avail. Instead, I thought it could perhaps be more useful to reduce a bit the most poisonous unprecedented post election campaign ever fought, and try to produce some modest reflection on the essence of Trump’s election in the field of the changing in the meaning – and practice – of democracy.

We know, even if we are not always ready to recognize it, that since the times of Alexis de Tocqueville, America has been the Democracy Lab (and ultimate safeguard) for the entire world. Therefore we don’t have to be scared to watch with a clean eye any modifications that will reflect changes. 2 In the introductory article to this series, I held that Trump’s election was a final step of a sort of biological innovation of democracy and that this deserved some thinking on its own, regardless the political platform of the winner. Then in the subsequent articles I focused on the fact that Trump was the son of two powerful different “parents”: Hollywood’s way of gaining consensus, and the dominant role of Corporations in the voting system. 3

This was by itself a key evolutionary step in America’s democracy that opened up the field for the birth of Corporatics in substitution of Politics (third previous article), which could provide some stimulating considerations. That by the way has spread immensely all over the world, signaling again the leading role of America’s evolution in the field.

Hence it could be useful to venture to judge Trump’s victory, not so much as his personal success, but rather as final result of a key transformational process in America’s democracy, which started with the first Televised debates of JFK against Richard M. Nixon 4. In conjunction with Hollywood’s dominance gaining consensus the practice and superior power of the Corporation’s voting influence, in case we considered that aggregation as definitive, we assumed that Politics had died and that term had to be substituted by Corporatics — and as a consequence “the Man from Los Angeles” was taking over “the Man from Athens”. 5

This then has opened up the possibility of exploring the implications of Trump’s advent not so much in terms of his personal performance, but as a potentiality for both new positive and negative aspects under the coming Corporatics scenario. This is a fascinating new land of action, although a risky adventure, of course, knowing that in today’s unrestricted media fight, for those fully engaged in terms of favoring liberal positions, any possible positive comments regarding President Trump could be regarded as treason (but, of course, it is not).

The matter of the fact is that in a totally new scenario of Corporatics substituting Politics, it is possible to explore such unprecedented real positive options denied to traditional Politics. It would be intellectually absurd to overlook this transition for fear of misinterpretation, as it would also be treacherous not to denounce additional dangers for risk of conformism. Therefore Trump’s adventure must be judged in terms of the Corporatics Age. But if a “Man from Los Angeles” is taking the place of a “Man from Athens,” 6 to properly explore the implications of Corporatics substituting Politics we need to refer to the fundamental books of Aristotle that have been the polar reference for over XX Centuries, and do that with clean and open mind. 7

And here we are, the modest fourth article in the Trump vs Aristotle series, confronting book after book in possible defiance of Corporatics over the XX Century of Political Cultural. 8

This specific article deals with Trump’s confrontation to Aristotle’s Metaphysics, and in the name of Trump’s pragmatism we will link Trump’s Metaphysics to the most hottest issue of his survival: that of Russiagate.

1. Trump Vs. Aristotle’s Metaphysics In Times Of Russiagate

Metaphysics is a term invented by scholars of Aristotle for his books (14) that were materially located after the books of physics (4). Think of a shelve where four books of physics are followed at a little distance by ten books of ethics. Now, in the middle of this line of books, and just because they were located after those of physics, they had to have a name, and people called them meta-physics. Notice how often the most embarrassing intellectual words for the common people – there are at least ten of them that come to my mind – can depend on totally trivial, unrelated things: meta-physics simply meant, “after the books of physics” and it was written with the small head letter “m,” as the small head letter “p” was used for physics.

Little by little, as life went on, the original meaning connected to the material location (meta-physics, after physics) gave way to the supposed un-achievable or highest content of matters (meta, highest, superior to physics). To be un-achievable for the common folk, was determined by the users of jargon, rather then the quality of content. But the “highest” was decreed also in respect to the content of the books that followed materially (ethics), with the same distorting evaluation: the highest content of reflections of Metaphysics in respect to Ethics, where the behavior of people was scrutinized not in the light of immanent moral truths written up in the sky, but as different more or less acceptable customs of men and people. 9

It deserves to be noticed that for those later books on Aristotle’s Metaphysics books, quite a strange practice took place: less comprehensible to common folk were the thoughts expressed by writers commenting on those books, and higher the credit given by their colleagues to those who produced a higher level of incomprehensibility. In other words a full corporative controlling – and exclusive – intellectual craft practiced was effectively created on the same level of plumbers keeping secrets of the craft for those initiated. 10

This strange behavior is somewhat not surprising considering that until very recent centuries, the credit to the books of Aristotle’s physics grew to the point of making a dogma of its content, in spite of growing evident limitations (let’s say mistakes) of the Author. That in physics Aristotle was totally wrong doesn’t go to his discredit 11- but rather to the scandal of those that pretended to impose his opinions as a dogma on other people, including scientists who for centuries were not allowed to dissent on the matter. But once the dogma practice was established for the books of physics, why not extend it to those of (M)etaphysics? Why not? And indeed, this was done!

This was a rather hazardous practice, indeed, considering that dogmas were applied to nothing less then quality, behavior, favors, providence or negligence of a Superior Being that from the sky – not yet a satellite TV – was regulating with more or less sympathy with some of the population (but certainly with total command) all living beings – please notice small “b”  — on earth. 12

Here it deserves to be noticed that in almost all civilizations, except one, the right to perform that complex task of reading the will of “The Superior Being” was self-acquired by those who autonomously appointed themselves to that role. Some advantages were connected to that functions, but obviously that was not the motivation (?).

The only exception that I know to that practice was in Rome (imperial), where the chief of Men and relations with the Gods (Pontiff), as strange as that can could appear to modern inhabitants of that same town, was elected by people. Yes. Cesar himself started his political career searching, and obtaining, the election of the title of Pontiff.13 But it must be remarked that in the imperial Rome, the Pontiff was not a ruler – it only acquired that role with the fall of the Roman Empire, with some scholars, for instance Gibbon, even establishing a sort of connection. The Pontiff was not a tough imposer of his own religious opinions on other fellows, rather he was the chief protector of religious practices freely decided by the people. In other words the Pontiff was an employee, hired and discharged, like the consul or tribune, by people living in Palatino, or Trastevere. He was subject to election and if the people of Testaccio or Cecchignola didn’t like him, well he could then be dismissed as probably in unexpected revival of old times as some claim happened to Pope Benedict, obviously much to his surprise, considering that he could safely say he had been assuredly (he thought) properly self-elected.

All that taken into account, Aristotle’s Metaphysics (now definitely written with “M” being a capital letter) became for centuries a benchmark when the political behavior of rulers had to be considered by writers – although probably not by politicians, since many of them very too busy in murdering and overturning other powers to have time to read.14 But in conclusion, as the “Man from Los Angeles” takes the place of the “Man from Athens” we must duly consider Trump’s behavior in this respect.

2. Politicians Do All The Bad Things They Dare To Do, And All The Good Things They Are Obliged To Do.15 The Case Of Trump’s Metaphysics.

We might recall, in what I am personally inclined to consider his most brilliant statement ever 16, what Bush II once said when rebuking a journalist who was making fun of his ignorance of History. “History? – said the President – I don’t read it, I make it.” Along this line Trump could say “Metaphysics? I don’t take care of others inventions, I personally invent it.”

Even if perhaps some people could cast some doubts, nobody should exclude by principle that producing metaphysical reflections could be the favored occupation of President Trump’s nights. At night, we said, not during the day. The day we could exclude from Trump’s searching for deep hidden truths, because in addition to running a country, which incidentally is the most powerful and most rich in the world,  and a practical obligation to maintain it that way, he is too busy at tweeting against “fake” news and firing and hiring FBI directors, press secretaries, perhaps the Attorney General and who knows down to which administration level is he exercising his hobby of firing and hiring people at each hour of day. So if during the daytime Trump is busy in remodeling his administration, why not imagine that at night the President, finally at peace with the media, reinvigorates his intellectual energies navigating on the shores of highest intellectual horizons?

As I have mentioned, metaphysics is a fundamental activity for the “Man of Los Angeles” that replaces the “Man from Athens,” and therefore President Trump, certainly feels deep metaphysical obligations towards his fellows Americans. Of course, being a pragmatic person Mr. President won’t be upset if, in search of his metaphysical attitudes, I link his metaphysical thoughts to the ongoing Russiagate case.

We don’t know if Trump will survive Russiagate. And for the sake of argument we really don’t know if with full disclosures of incriminating mails allegedly propitiated by Russia, if there can really become a Hillarygate. Without taking part in what could be senseless fights in both cases, I am personally convinced that if Trump remains in charge for his full term leaving to the next election the country’s positive or negative decision to get rid or to maintain him, this could be an excellent case study for Corporatics in America, in its own interest and perhaps also in the best interest of the rest of the world.

Why? In this article we’ll try to bear that out in metaphysical terms, but in all of them as a special Tocqueville chapter on America democracy, because we know that for the bad and for the good only America is able to produce newness in political approach — and new approaches need to be explored given the evident failures of traditional policies to better tackle the present world crises, multiplied rather then reduced in the last three decades. But, if not in America, where?

Keeping this in mind and in coherence with this view, it is useful to explore those specific benefits of the “Trump Experiment In Corporatics Metaphysics” that could be produced in very practical areas, such as employment, security and of course war and peace with Russia.

3. Metaphysical Changes In Respect To Aristotle’s: Relation To American Workforce

One in four American jobs are at risk of being shipped overseas in the coming years and about half could be replaced by automation, according to an article from Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research, USA Census Bureau.

Well, who cares if one fourth of jobs emigrate overseas and half of the remaining ones are substituted by robots!

Related question. Who is going to work in the coming years in USA? Just students, professors, and journalists that read the liberal press, which by the way I read and enjoy? Is the Detroit gloomy void town landscape going to be matched by Pittsburg’s, Minneapolis’, and Cleveland’s deserted sites? 17

It is quite evident that Trump’s Corporatics Metaphysics understood better than all his liberal contenders the full electoral implications of this situation in terms of the Hollywood consensus slogan for his campaign. To fully understand the existing metaphysical meaning of it, we need to ponder a bit on the peculiarity of the slogan Trump used for gaining American workforce votes, because that signs an irreversible moment of departure of his Corporatics Metaphysics in respect to Aristotle’s metaphysics and that of his contenders.

The old traditional pillars of Aristotle’s metaphysics (which other contenders applied) the “Man of Los Angeles” 18 is dismissing, to introduce the new Corporatics society, and can be summarized in three points.

  1. the alternative Entelechia and Dynamus,
  2. the four elements of Cause,
  3. and of course the concept and function of God.

Always in search of good and bad in the Corporatics scenario, which characterizes these articles, we want to see if those changes produce factual benefits, or at least open up some possible new positive horizons to be exploited.

Entelechia (in opposition to accidents) in Aristotle’s views is tantamount to perfection, in so much as it contains all key elements of developments within THE thing, and for extension within THE situation, which we enlarge to a peculiar situation which is THE political campaign.

In Politics, with regard to the perfection implied in Entelechia, imperfection is a mere accident related to nature of things, although it must be reckoned that when we face the perceived limitations of verified “accidents” we often find ourselves in the very difficult situation not to be able to recognize the Entelechia perfection claimed by the Candidate in the electoral campaign, sometimes so badly pursued to totally eclipse the initial would be perfection. 19

Metaphysical Entelechia applied to political campaigns has been a favored tool of American Presidential candidates and played a significant role in making them Presidents. Kennedy, Obama, Clinton, Bushes (father and son) were always aiming to some metaphysical order, which in itself was perfect, although not verified – later but even not before – in practice.

There was just one exception to an Entelechia campaign: Ronald Reagan. Reagan didn’t campaign on Entelechia superior values, but on his personal drive capacity to increase the wealth of America. “Let’s Make America Great Again” was his slogan, that has nothing to do with Entelechia, because that goal had to be achieved by trusting Reagan’s special personality.

It is a sign of consistency of that changing metaphysical approach that Candidate Trump, as Reagan did, used exactly the same message just dropping the “let’s” (he had to change it a bit). Entelechia and Accident were dismissed in favor of the personal drive of Trump to “make America great again”. 20

Detaching himself in metaphysical terms both from the perfection of inner goals (Entelechia) and from Accidents, means that Trump’s tools can be changed, modified, even abandoned if new tools could be invented and pursued to “Make America great again”, because perfection actions are not implied in the slogan, leaving open the room not only for modifiable applications but also for drastic changes.

That is a typical Corporatics pragmatic innovation approach which I should say today – given the practical disaster of ideologies – could be very much positive. A CEO doesn’t have demagogic goals, but practical goals. Maybe tomorrow Trump will tear up walls in Israel and Palestine (he won’t do it, but we loved to see that) or extend Obamacare to everybody (even less possible, but we would love that too) if he reaches the conviction that those decisions will “Make America great again.” This is because Trump is not limited by the inner perfection of Entelechia slogans. Therefore let’s see what happens with eyes wide shut! To borrow a title of the unfortunately uncompleted Kubrick’s movie would suggest.

The second element of Aristotle’s metaphysical approach that Trump disregards in terms of Corporatics, is very much strictly connected to the previous change and in its own terms has much more practical daily impact for American people (and for the rest of the world as well). In the matter of cause, Aristotle innovates in respect to Plato insomuch as he gives four elements of cause, specifically named: formal, material, efficient and final. Here Trump makes, in the opinion of the writer, a remarkable innovative theoretical change moving from solid causes to incorporeal causes (which are not disregarded but integrated).

“Make America great again”, in addition to be a slogan, is a way to make people’s motivations a compound factor of pursuing wealth of their country increasing their own wealth. Sort of inversion of Gomper’ old American union’s drive “ Better pie, better slice”, becoming “Increase your slice, the pie will be bigger”. Perhaps the most consistent element of growth.

An approach that the writer fully subscribes in other fields since, without being mystical, he has always been convinced that the fundamental causes of Michelangelo’s beautiful Moses, as well as most works of Renaissance art, lay not in solid Aristotelian cause elements. Michelangelo would have made a beautiful Moses, even if carving it in wood, or Leonardo painted the Last Supper without support of oil materials. Grace, as well as innovation stands in undiscovered magic thoughts realm, present – but strongly pursued – in the men (and obviously women) that transform them in reality. Wealth and power fall in the same line. Aristotelean cause is okay, but hidden magic thoughts need to be preliminary considered.

Elevating to the top Corporatics Metaphysical value the motivations of those who will make America great again is a total detachment from Aristotle’s metaphysics with very powerful pragmatic impact, whose results I will be curious to check, if Russiagate will not prevent it.

If no-Entelechia, and no Aristotelian four causes, sign a different metaphysical approach of President Trump thoughts, (at least as we can detect from his behavior) the decisive final detachment from Aristotle’s metaphysics obviously comes from the notion and use of the God Term. We say “God Term” and not just God, because independently by the fact of yes or not sharing the idea that God as a useful human invention, certainly we must accept the fact that His role has often been manipulated by human interests to make very good wars (very good in terms of those who are interested in them of course) and even better striking violence, brutalities and  oppression (better again in the personal interest of above mentioned interpreters of God’s will). And since we cannot apply to possible superhuman entity the concept of man’s manipulation, we need to add to that strikingly important word, the annexed one of “Term”.

In reference to “God Term”, Corporatics certainly plays the most significant lasting potential impact on areas of social and business activity.

Under the social point of view, Corporatics is inventing for the first time in history a world middle class in substitution of national middle class, for countries that had it, very few up to now, all on the example of America’s economy, not mentioning the fact that many are that losing it, including America. A birth of the “World middle class” is a major international change if ever it is able to overrun internal political decisions and governments planning. It is a totally new social class, widely ignored by sociologists, who have the strange custom to talk of them – as economists do about crises – after they have happened. Based on a collection of homogenized people, different for religious, culture, social habits, but unified by common consumer practice (a car, a computer, a cell phone, tomorrow house robot) and wide world instrumental product spending (through web or international credit cards) people belonging to the coming world middle class live in different countries, but feel a sort of common emotional cross connection with people of other countries through video, movie, YouTube and mobile phone communications.

Since the world middle class becomes the first top priority in Corporatics Metaphysics as key profit seeking activity, the national middle class must learn to be part of a world middle class if it doesn’t want to expire (as it is happening in America), because it is not a national priority of Corporatics.

And here is the case where Trump’s approach makes the most daring metaphysical change. The “God Term” moves from Liberal Middle class to lower work force and focus his Hollywood messages towards those who produce the world with goods that Corporatics will sell, rather then with those who buy them. A striking change with some positive implications. Linking the “God Term” to production instead of consumption manifests a potential accepted diversity of the God Term of Corporatics that is very useful also in old religious traditional terms. 21 In Corporatics, the “God Term” sustains and is not a hindrance to a Country’s future religious diversity. The Aristotelian “Unmoved Mover”, which in his way is unique, could be changed in several local movers, because Corporatics needs a pluralism of God Terms, which sooner or later becomes accepted pluralism of God Notion. Which is obviously a good contribution to peace.22

4. Russiagate And Conflicting Implications For Peace. “Corporatics” Will Reduce Dangerous Pressure Of Nuclear War With Russia While Increases Danger Of Climate Disaster.

And we arrive now to the waited connection of Trump’s metaphysics and Russiagate and the need for a new view of foreign policy. 23

We must accept as a mater of fact, often if not always overlooked, that a world based on a “Corporatics” order cannot afford the risk of nuclear war. For many negative aspects of Corporatics as we are ready to recognize (especially in climate and in education) we must reckon the fact that nuclear war would be against its own DNA. Corporations want more profit, but by definition a nuclear war means zero profits for everybody, not only for the few survivors. Therefore in principle we might be tempted to say that present Secretary of State opens up better peace horizons then other professional politicians, more interested in sheer power game at any cost because as I said in a previous article, a CEO will never give birth to a new Hitler.

But we must reckon that Russiagate is not only a symbolic interference of information in a not anymore secluded privacy time, on which certainly the USA cannot play the virgin attitude, but is a problem of power relations with Russia. That might require more reflections on security for the most powerful country in the world, which by definition is also the security of the world. It is a fact that USA is a pillar of world security system, and that has to be protected for its positive all wide range of implications. For those living in Europe for instance it is precisely for that role that western European countries for decades have not experienced dreadful wars (much to some politicians regret). And it goes without saying that without that shield some European frontiers would have had not been abolished – think of the wars between France and Germany for reasons of frontiers – and certainly common currency would have not been established.

All this properly considered, in respect to Russia it is quite obvious that Trump, being a business man himself, will make sure that in his relation with Putin there will be larger safer market opportunities produced for America’s Corporatics. And here we need a serious consideration: Putin is not Hitler, and to his credit there is his definite attitude to bring Russia in the Democratic circles, after decades of terrible dictatorships, followed by the selling out of Russia by his “democratically elected” predecessors.  Therefore, it is a terrible mistake to push Russia in a solitude corner. And we cannot discharge the idea that freezing the somewhat hyperbolic – let’s say sometimes almost psychopathic anti-Russia attitude – besides being an obvious positive world peace contribution – playing chicken game with nuclear weapons it is not exactly the safer game in the world – Trump could produce in name of America’s Corporatics Metaphysics order new proper business opportunities for America there and around the world as well as new possible peace perspective in some burning areas as Middle East.  Excluding the invasion of Iran as a consequent halting of carnage in Syria is one of the case. 24

If that is the positive attitude we can expect from Trump’s Corporatics Metaphysics attitude, in respect to old Aristotle’s metaphysics, to make final judgments we should try to let him get to the end of his mandate, as well as in the meantime we should make all efforts to halt the disastrous Corporatics attitude in educational and environmental problems.

In pragmatic terms, President’s Trump metaphysics could reserve in those areas quite interesting surprises.

In conclusion given the specific Metaphysical attitude of President Trump, “the Man of LA” could reserve important case study material for the coming age of Corporatics if he is not only concentrated of concentrating at the Russiagate problem for the all term.

5. Trump’s Metaphysical Tweeting

Of course, all that said, we still have to find out if President Trump at nights really spends his few resting hours dwelling on Metaphysical thoughts.

In that case perhaps we could be able to discover that he is also seeking to tweet directly with God. I personally I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried.

Next Article Trump vs Aristotle (5). The man of Los Angeles versus the man of Athen: Rhetoric

This is the fourth of seven articles Trump vs Aristotle with reference to some of the Stagira’s Philosopher main books. Next ones will be on Rhetoric (5), Ethics (6) to final achieve the 7th in Economics. Where there might be some somewhat conclusive unconventional notes.

1. How to avoid Hillary syndrome (1), Man of Los Angeles (2), and the dead of Politics (3)
2. Changing meaning and practice of democracy which by the way we don’t have to be scared to confront in line with some relevant Indian philosophical principal which, given the growing role of Asian country we might decide to start considering. This is the case of Shiva dance which guaranties that consistency of life has to be searched in a continuous movement (better done with the grace of dance).
3. Lasting homage for consistency in opposing this role to my favored Bernie Sanders who in my mind people discharged too fast for next election.
4. By the way in a Hollywood consensus age we should not overlook the fact that Nixon never enjoyed the popularity of being quoted as RMN, clear negative sign of missing popular acceptance
5. Corporatics is the term by myself invented to substitute Politics. I asked Noam Chomsky, the last genius of this century and by far my favored decent speaker for decent values in modern communication, to help me find a better name for it. On each article which I send him for his much valued comments I do repeat this invitation. In do time, when I will succeed in making the GDKP India, I asked my Indian friends to launch a club Gandhi Chomsky Voltaire on which many of them already gave me their support.
6. Sorry for the Macho use of term “Man” to indicate male female for which I would like to be substituted by any other, but in this case man means male because uunfortunately for Hillary, apparently for USA is not yet arrived Indian Kali time, which assures, and there are many positive confirming signs, that we finally entered the women predominance age, very much positive needed indeed considering the disasters male predominance has been able to produce. Probably even Elisabeth Warren before becoming President has to get first some ominous sign of female presidency for instance from the election of a Female Pope. But she should not forget that the rapidly (made?) deceased Pope John Paul 1 in a quite surprising statement had affirmed from the Vatican Balcony – which as everybody knows enjoys a special view from heavens – that God was a mother not father. Was such a statement a tough unrespectful (decisive) blow for male establishment?
7. For the sake of promoting the consideration of Asian culture almost totally absent in our Philosophical school manuals, and practice of artists and politicians, for properly confronting Aristotle’s role in western culture we like to make reference of Kauṭilya or Vishnugupta, (also Chanakya) who authored the ancient Indian political treatise, the Arthashastra in fourth century BC as Aristotle did.
8. I was thinking perhaps to conclude with confront with Aristotl3’s Coelum – not it Sky’s translation to avoid unjustified publicity to TV- but then for same reasons I decided to wait for it the end of the Trump’s term
9. We had to wait James Frazer to see a concrete revival of this attitude for proper magician practice and idolatry with the wonderful book The Golden Bough (1890)
10. Special gifted in this type of incomprehensibility was Hegel who therefore escalated the top credit of this special considered list
11. We know by now that physics is a magmatic matter where certainties last limited time and apply to particular conditions. One wanders what would Aristotle think of now almost ascertained truth (at least much debated) that rather that a single (Uni) verse we could really have a (multi)verse with totally different physical laws (!!) in each one of them.
12. I personally would not mind to use the capital letter of “B” also for this case considering extraordinary achievements their intellect can conquer where left free to think
13. Some says bribing for it. Brecht, the strange adventure of Mr. Julius Cesar
14. Machiavelli knew that so well that he confined his writings to those known practices, therefore the Prince was read – it was also a very short reading – and he was considered a political genius by those who recognized themselves in what he was promoting.
15. Slightly modified version of Bertrand Russell quote of a special unpublished collections of La Rochefoucald maxim found in the garden of a castle of Lord Bolingbroke. The orginal one says Man, but as Socrates is a ma I am inclined to think they were fictitious but nevertheless nice to consider. They are 20. Russell affirms that he inclines to fully subscribe only the one that says “It doesn’t matter what you trust as long as you don’t trust fully” personally i liked all of them but specially this one: Truth is a government concept.
16. I am not considering the option of those who would perhaps prefer to the ..” most brilliant ever” “the most brilliant if any”
17. Fortunately no disastrous changes are forecasted by those events in New Orleans since “Big Easy” has been recently rebuilt (taking advantage of the absence of President Bush junior) from the Kathrina damage, and Preservation Hall as well as French quarter keep producing full benefit of jazz musical energy.
18. t is useful to repeat not because he was born in LA bt just because is a paradigm of Corporatics.
19. Sorrowful as that can be, I am afraid it can be said of my super favored Obama President whom in order to praise the expectancy he had promoted I even wrote a book Obama Time. But I still keep some good memories on his wonderful social positive attitude.
20. As a sign of his business attitude Trump excused himself for using almost the same slogan as Reagan’s saying that “Let’s make America Great Again” had not been patented which of course he did for his “make America Great Again” to be used just by him.
21. Let’s incidentally mention that in positive consistent terms, his Christian daughter married a Jewish.
22. Let’s not being confused in this respect by his anti terrorist Islamic attitude which is not anti-islamic at all as it is confirmed by Trump’s towers in Islamic state such as Turkey.
23. In that respect it is not proper to keep follow old fashion Kissinger’s diplomatic doctrines which are now rather outdated for at least two reasons: 1. Kissinger elaborated them in world “Face to Face” conditions (one superpower facing one superpower), where now there is only one superpower facing three or four top powers. 2. Kissinger was exerting his diplomacy in times where existence of secrets could be credited, now with interconnected world and the full successful age of web hackers, that time is gone forever. Given those changes obviously new “thoughts” have to be elaborated. On the point 1, probably the “pendulum” theory where the only superpower refuses by principle “eternal” alliances and favors a periodical change of leaning on some of the power is a prospective possibility. In Trump’s terms this could be the Russia time – which in Kissinger’s old fashion attitude would be unthinkable. On point 2 a top radical changes of thinking must be elaborated to be even mentioned in a footnote.
24. I must admit that I like the international and infra-religion mixture of the first American family (I would not be surprised by some Corporatics Islamic addition) and I must admit also that I don’t dislike the family Corporatics attitude, assuming of course proper behavior in respect to national interests.

Prof. Umberto Sulpasso

Prof. Umberto Sulpasso has taught in many European and American universities. He is the author of the GDKP the Gross Domestic Knowledge Product, the first quantitative model in the world of Wealth of Nations in terms of knowledge produced, purchased and circulated. The Indian Government has officially appointed Prof. Sulpasso as Director of GDKP INDIA. Among his recent publications there is, " Know Global, The Most Important Globalization"; "Darwinomics, The Economics Of Human Race Survival"; "New Enlightenment In Economics In The 21st Century"; and "Knowledge the new measure of Wealth of Nations." Prof. Sulpasso has launched “Knowledge the infrastructural information which will create the New Silk Road with Africa and Asia countries” in a recent international conference.

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