Saudi Arabia: Shoura Demands Qatif Troublemakers Be Tried


By MD Rasooldeen

The 150-member consultative Shoura Council on Sunday denounced the bloody riots carried out by some criminal elements in the eastern city of Qatif last week, saying those behind the riots should be brought to justice and given tough punishment.

“The council stresses the need for taking the criminals to specialized courts to get them punished for their disgraceful acts and for causing deaths and creating fear among peaceful residents of the city,” the consultative body said in a statement.

Two people died and three wounded in an exchange of gunfire in Qatif on Wednesday following a string of attacks on security checkpoints during a funeral procession.

The casualties occurred in the exchange of gunfire with unknown criminals who infiltrated the citizens’ ranks and fired from residential areas and narrow streets, the Interior Ministry said.

The council, presided over by its Chairman Abdullah Al-Asheikh, expressed its deep regret for the violence and slammed the perpetrators. The house also commended the security personnel who safeguarded innocent civilians during the incident.

The house pointed out that the Kingdom has maintained a healthy relationship with the people of the country and that they have opened the government’s doors to anyone wishing to discuss certain matters, as was the practice during the caliphate period.

During a discussion on the annual report of Saudi Arabian Airlines, the members said passengers should be made aware of their rights as outlined by IATA regulations.

The house suggested that the rights of passengers be well outlined on lists displayed at airports, Saudi Arabian Airline offices, the airline’s website and at travel agents’ offices throughout the Kingdom.

The house also decided to review the recommendations made by Shoura member Osama Al-Qabbani.

A total of 57 members were in favor of rediscussing the amendment to article 21 of the annual report.

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