Russia Mulls Cutting Economic Ties With Turkey


Russia said Thursday, November 26, it would be looking to cut economic ties with Turkey and scrap investment projects in a matter of days in the aftermath of the Turkish downing of a Russian warplane, the Associated Press reports.

The televised statement by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev came a day after Russian media reported hundreds of trucks bringing Turkish goods stranded at the border.

Relations between the two countries soured after Turkey on Tuesday shot down a Russian warplane on a bombing mission near the Syria border. One of the pilots was killed, the other was rescued.

Medvedev instructed the government to draft sanctions against Turkey within the next two days in a response to the downing of the Russian Su-24, which he described as an “act of aggression against our country.”

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin, explained on Thursday that customs officials along the border were scrutinizing Turkish goods due to “various reasons” including a possible terrorist threat.

“This is only natural in the light of Turkey’s unpredictable actions,” Peskov said.

In Georgia, customs officials reported that trucks with Turkish number plates driving via Georgia to Russia cannot get through. A statement issued by the Georgian finance ministry’s excise service said some trucks that can’t get into Russia are driving back to Azerbaijan and Turkey while hundreds are deciding to wait in the neutral zone between Russia and Georgia.

Last year, Russia imposed a ban on food imports from the U.S. and EU nations in retaliation for their sanctions over the Crimea issue.


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One thought on “Russia Mulls Cutting Economic Ties With Turkey

  • November 27, 2015 at 5:02 pm

    Turkish governments have been used by western imperialism to divide and conquer the Middle East. In addition, it is an important military base for destroying Arab countries. I am sure even the bombing of Russia passenger jet in the sky was connected directly and indirectly to Turkey. Turkey under the leadership of Sultan Erdogan is a terrorist state. It supports and defends Daesh and other terrorist organizations. It used some Turkmen in Syria to kill people, including the Russian piolet. As long as Turkey exists, terrorism will continue. No country can eliminate terrorism if Turkey has freedom to attack other countries.
    Having stated my view Russia should impose sever sanctions on Turkey and should not allow the Russian people to visit Turkey. Next time, Turkey will kill Russian tourists. Russia must ask Iran and Iraq to cut economic and political ties with Turkey. The West must do the same. If US is really fighting terrorism everywhere, then US must close its military bases in Turkey and imposes sanctions on the country. The EU must impose the same sanctions on Turkey. Turkey is a terrorist country and the main gate to gather and deliver terrorists. Turkey is a generating-terrorist machine that must be stoped.
    Turkey enjoys helping and financing terrorism because Turkey has tendency to massacre people. It massacred the Armenian people and now the Syrian people. Their massacres can be seen in many countries. It is the time for the world to join Russia and act strongly against this terrorist state.
    Finally, President Putin must ignore the Sultan of Turkey completely because his hands have the Russian blood and all blood of humanity resulted by the Turkish criminal acts over time.


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