Angarsk Petrochemical Company Launches Gasoline Blending Unit


Angarsk Petrochemical Company has commissioned a gasoline blending unit with an annual output capacity of 2.3 million tonnes. The commissioning is an important step in the delivery of a large-scale investment program Rosneft is implementing at the plant. The program aims to ensure that all of the plant’s output meets Euro-4 and Euro-5 standards.

Modern gasoline production is a complicated process of blending various components and the final product has to meet multiple requirements. With the launch of the new unit the blending of gasoline components and octane booster additives becomes fully automated. New technologies make it possible to use blend stocks with maximum efficiency to produce high-quality high-grade gasoline. The linear programming system ensures constant control over the disposition and the throughput of components and the quality of the final product.

The Angarsk Petrochemical Company’s gasoline blending unit is a major production facility comprising an upgraded pump station with a control board, a tank farm and a fire water station. A cable rack and a process pipeline rack have been built. The station’s tanks are fitted with sophisticated equipment preventing oil products leaking into the atmosphere and ensuring their accident-free operation.

Angarsk Petrochemical Company is a subsidiary of Rosneft. In 2011, the company refined over 9.8 million tonnes of crude. The figure for 2012 is expected to exceed 10 million tonnes. The output of Euro-3 gasoline of various grades will surpass 850,000 tonnes.

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