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Tous Jewelry’s New Collection Inspired By Paris, Havana


By Aisha Fareed

The Spanish brand Tous Jewelry has since 1920 distinguished itself with accessories boasting unique patterns that warm the hearts of fashion followers.

“Bonjour Señorita” — as Tous’s new spring-summer 2017 collection is known — offers up powerful and irresistible pieces that evoke the vibrant colors of the streets of Havana, enhanced with a classic Parisian touch.

It suggests a colorful summer ahead, with an abundance of gems and pearls.

Although jewelry is still the company’s core business, Tous also produces a broad range of accessories, such as bags, watches, fragrances, eyeglasses, textiles and small leather goods.

Handbags are strongly present in Tous’s new collection, with a broad range of summer colors and designs present in every piece.

One cannot talk about Tous without mentioning the teddy bear — the brand’s symbol — which appears in different shapes and forms, sometimes in gold, silver, pearl and sometimes in bright colors.

“On one of my trips, I saw a teddy bear in a shop window that brought back fond memories of my childhood. Why not make one in gold?,” said Rosa Oriol, the Catalan jeweler, business executive and the creative director of Tous, in a statement on the brand’s website.

“The bear marked the start of our expansion and it’s always present in our designs. It is very special to me and I am aware that we have gotten where we are thanks to the bear. The tenderness it transmits is universal.”

Esra Emad, a TV and YouTube actress who was among the attendees of the launch of Tous’s new collection, said she liked the new range.

“It suits all ages, not only teenagers as we all thought in the past. The pieces are very elegant and sophisticated and can be worn in many different ways with many styles,” she said.

A fictional designer’s journey

Camille, a fictional character who plays the role of the designer behind the Tous collection, is a former classic ballerina who tells us a story about self-realization. Her story takes place in France and Cuba, where she rediscovers herself.

Camille’s journey begins in the refined and elegant Paris, where she lives and works as a ballerina, and finishes in tropical Havana, where she travels to relax and unwind and discovers a totally different and exciting new world.

The Jolie collection draws on the shape of the classic bow used in pointed ballet shoes. The beginning of Camille’s story inspires the Jolie collection, when she is still living in Paris and feels tied to a job she dislikes, and to a life that does not leave her satisfied.

The Jolie collection has natural but very contemporary pieces that are perfect for creating sweet and modern looks. It features earrings, bangles, chokers and rings.
Tytan — an elegant and sophisticated ring collection — is inspired by the fictional Camille’s innermost feelings. Tytan is available in two styles: an 18-karat yellow gold ring with garnet and freshwater cultured pearl, and an 18-karat white gold ring with titanium, topaz and freshwater cultured pearl.

Havana calling

The Bera collection is inspired by the fictional Camille’s arrival in Havana, where she finds a new world that lifts her spirit and makes her feel truly alive. She comes to realize that even the smallest things have the power to move her. She feels content and believes deep down that everything will turn out for the best. The pieces of the Bera collection are made with gold and diamonds, as well as sterling silver with pearls.

The Miranda collection features Tous’ iconic bear in mother of pearl and sterling silver and steel with enamel. It is an indispensable touch of color for the perfect summer look.

The Ivette collection was inspired by the vibrant lights of Havana, where Camille delights in the energy of her new city and is always discovering breathtaking places; the city seduces her with its colors, its contrasts, its sounds, the people, the lifestyle and the sea.

Ivette is a colorful and lively collection that features bangles, earrings and rings made of 18-karat yellow gold and multicolor gems and worn together to create a perfect mix and match that flawlessly completes any look.

The Eloise collection represents the peace that Camille finds through her life-changing experiences. She rediscovers herself in the special moments she shares in Cuba; each gem represents a memory, an experience.

The Eloise collection features necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings made with vermeil sterling silver, pearls and multicolor gems.

Tous’s star collection this summer takes its name from the fictional Camille herself. The medallions express deep feelings, emotions, faith, hope and memories of loved ones.

This collection is the culmination of her experience, the ultimate affirmation that she has really found herself, and while she feels a little nostalgia for her old life in Paris, she is truly fulfilled. Each one of these medallions holds inside it the memory of a meaningful experience, person or moment.

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