Netanyahu Draws Red Line For Iran Nuclear Development


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that the only way to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons was to draw a “clear red line” which should not to be crossed by Tehran. “There is only one way to peacefully prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear bombs, it is to set a clear red line to Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” he told the General Assembly of the UN.

“The red lines do not lead to war. Red lines prevent war,” he added.

To illustrate, the head of the Israeli government has raised the drawing of a bomb ready to explode on which he drew a red line just below the “final stage”.

“A red line should be drawn here just before Iran completes the second phase of its nuclear enrichment needed for a bomb. Iran in only few months or weeks has amassed enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear weapon,” said Netanyahu.

“Every day, this date approaches, and that is why today I raise such an emergency, and that is why everyone should be aware of this emergency.”

While the Iranian nuclear issue has exposed the disagreement on the way forward between Israel and the United States, the head of the Israeli government has once again played down differences with its American ally. “Israel is in talks with the U.S. on this issue and I am confident that we will come to define the way forward together,” he said.

According to Netanyahu, by next summer, Iran will be on the verge of having enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear bomb.

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