The WFP, Phony Outrage And Black Misleaders – OpEd


The co-founder of Black Lives Matter has struck a cynical deal with corporate Democrats to boost Elizabeth Warren by attacking Bernie Sanders forces as racist.

The black misleadership class and their friends are preparing for the 2020 presidential election in a predictably shameful manner. In an effort to do the bidding of the Democratic Party establishment they are cynically using claims of racism in an effort to prop up Elizabeth Warren as the faux progressive choice.  In the process they have relegated black voter concerns to the whims of the group whose corrupt and inept machinations put Donald Trump in the White House.

This sad story begins with the Working Families Party (WFP). Despite its well chosen name it is merely a front group for the Democratic Party. The word party in their title is a misnomer. WFP rarely runs its own slate of candidates, instead Democrats run with WFP endorsements in an effort to appear progressive. The sleight of hand often succeeds in giving leftist Democratic voters hope that their center right party may actually do something they would like. 

In 2016 the WFP membership endorsed Bernie Sanders with 80% of their votes. The WFP recently endorsed Elizabeth Warren but the leadership have declined to say by how much or if the vote of members differed from that of the leadership. 

It is fair to conclude that this reticence indicates that the game was rigged in favor of Warren and that the membership still supports Sanders. But as the old saying goes, a hurt dog hollers, and the WFP and their friends didn’t disappoint. Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and others led the charge by claiming that anyone questioning the result was a racist bent on discreding WFP’s black leadership.

For good measure they gave great attention to self-identified Sanders supporters who made racist and sexist statements online. Sanders and his team quickly decried the offensive statements but to no avail. The political theater culminated with an open letter  signed by more than 100 people who were on board with the attempt to discredit legitimate inquiry and use black people as their justification. 

Black leaders are joined at the hip with the Democratic Party, whose sole mission through the 2020 convention is to stop Bernie Sanders. They know that Sanders speaks to people’s needs and would win the nomination and election absent any interference from donors, the party or its operatives. The WFP is a perfect partner for the fraud because it exists only as a cover for the Democrats.  Who better to give the impression that progressives prefer Warren to Sanders? 

The sad episode won’t be the last of the presidential campaign. So-called

The plight of black voters fits in nicely in pushing the scam. After having reduced their political demands to nothing more than keeping Republicans out of office, they are at the mercy of the Democratic party and its under-handed dealings. The misleaders have nothing to offer the people they claim to represent except lip service and window dressing.

If the signatories of the letter really wanted to have a productive impact they wouldn’t be caught up in ginned up disputes. Instead they would organize to make meaningful demands of the Democrats.  But that is not the role they play in politics. In 2016 they sided with Hillary Clinton in an equally dishonest way. As soon as the Sanders campaign showed signs of life the Congressional Black Caucus Political Action Committee hurriedly endorsed her. Charles Rangel said that Sanders didn’t know any black people. “Civil rights icon” John Lewis questioned Sanders movement bonafides. Clinton got the party nod with their help, but went down to defeat on election day.

This sad episode will be repeated until the Democratic Party convention takes place in July 2020. There isn’t any question of whether the outcome will be rigged. The question is what those who call themselves leftists will do about the broad daylight robbery.

Hopefully the chicanery will result in the end of progressive illusions about the democrats. But no one has to wait until next year to give up on wishful thinking. Every four years progressives engage in hope that the democrats will actually permit their candidate of choice to be nominated.

We have seen this movie and we know the ending. Progressives must begin heading for the democratic party exits now. Overlooking Sanders support for U.S. aggression in exchange for an increased minimum wage is to sell one’s soul for nothing. There is no hope for justice at home or peace abroad within the confines of the democratic party. 

If the election is rigged badly enough there won’t even be a chance for a democratic party president. A replay of a Trump victory may be in the offing if the misleaders aren’t called to account right now.

Margaret Kimberley

Margaret Kimberley's is the author of Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents. Her work can also be found at and on Twitter @freedomrideblog. Ms. Kimberley can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)"

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