Iran: Security Forces Shoot Locals In SE In Attempt To Arrest Activist


Security forces opened fire on locals yesterday who protested the arrest of a Baluch activist in Tomp Rigan village in Iranshahr County, southeastern Iran.  

According to the Baloch Campaign website, security forces who had come to the village to Samad Rigi, a social activist in Iranshahr went door to door to arrest Samad without an arrest warrant and were met with resistance by locals.

In an audio file, Samad said security forces tried to arrest him for criticizing the “lack of security” in Iranshahr, and security forces’ constant shooting of locals including women and children.

Two of the men who were injured yesterday were identified as Mehroallah Rigi Yusef Abadi and Iman Rigi Yusef Abadi. A woman and child were also injured, among others.

Iranian police and security forces carry out these shootings with impunity.

An annual report by a human rights group said at least 204 Iranian citizens were directly or indirectly targeted by Iran’s state security forces in 2020, 74 of whom lost their lives.

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