Israel War: The West’s International Chaos Strategy – OpEd


The US and its Western allies are pursuing a strategy of international chaos to maintain their global dominance and eliminate their rivals. They use the wars in Palestine-Israel and Ukraine as tools to achieve their goals of clearing the Eastern Mediterranean of resistance and defeating Russia. The West is not interested in peace and cooperation, but in war and domination. This strategy is not only immoral and unjust, but also dangerous and unsustainable. It threatens the lives and rights of millions of people, and it risks a global catastrophe that could affect everyone.

The Middle East is in turmoil as Israel intensifies its ground invasion of Gaza, which started on October 31, 2023. The war began when Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israeli territory to protest against the long-standing blockade and occupation of Gaza. The attack killed some Israeli civilians and sparked outrage in the media, which led to a disproportionate response from Israel. Israel has indiscriminately bombed Gaza and killed more than nine thousand Palestinians, mostly women and children, in the past three weeks. The situation is also unstable in the neighboring countries, where the US and its allies have increased their military presence and influence. They have not made any efforts to mediate or end the war, but have instead supported Israel’s aggression. The conflict could soon spread to other regions and trigger a wider war.

The war in Gaza has also affected the relations and actions of other countries in the region. Saudi Arabia has postponed the negotiations to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, which were initiated by the Abraham Accords in 2021. Iran has warned that it will retaliate if Israel attacks its nuclear facilities or interests. Hezbollah has launched rockets and drones at Israeli targets from Lebanon. Egypt and Jordan have refused to accept Palestinian refugees who are fleeing the violence and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. These responses indicate that the regional actors are not willing to cooperate or seek a peaceful solution. They are either supporting or opposing Israel based on their own interests and agendas.

In contrast, the US and its European allies have unequivocally supported Israel. They have blocked any attempt to pass a resolution in the UN Security Council that would call for a ceasefire and a political dialogue. They have also supplied Israel with more than 1000 tons of weapons and ammunition to continue its offensive. The Palestinians, on the other hand, are suffering from the lack of basic necessities. They have no access to electricity, clean water, or health care. They have no protection from the constant bombardment and invasion. They have no way to bury their dead or mourn their losses.

The Western leaders have also demonstrated their bias and indifference towards the Palestinian cause. Several high-ranking officials from Germany, the US, the UK, the EU, and Italy have visited Israel in the past two weeks, but none of them have expressed any sympathy or support for the Palestinians or called for a ceasefire or a negotiation. They have only praised Israel’s right to self-defense and condemned Hamas’s actions.

The same attitude was evident at the Cairo summit on the Palestinian crisis, where the Western countries did not propose any concrete or viable solution to end the war or address the root causes of the conflict. The US, the main sponsor of the summit, did not even bother to send a senior official to the meeting, but only a low-level envoy. Meanwhile, the US, France, and Britain have deployed their naval forces near Israel’s coast in the Mediterranean Sea, not to facilitate a peaceful settlement, but to increase their weapon sales and military influence in the region.

The US and its allies have a complex and cunning strategy to preserve their global hegemony. They manipulate international institutions like the UN Security Council to prevent the resolution of the wars in Ukraine and Palestine-Israel. They also consolidate their alliance to confront and eliminate their adversaries in the world. Their strategy has two main objectives: to remove the resistance groups and regimes in the Eastern Mediterranean by overthrowing them one by one and to escalate the war on the eastern flank of Europe until they subdue Russia. Strangely, they never acknowledge the urgency of a ceasefire and a dialogue in their communications, and they reject any peace plan that is suggested in the Security Council.

The US is following a strategy of perpetual wars in Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean to maintain its unchallenged supremacy in the liberal international order. This entails increasing its military presence, subduing Russia and confronting China, and eliminating any resistance in the Eastern Mediterranean. This is the first stage of the strategy, which will be succeeded by attacking Iran and China for their ultimate defeat.

The US and its allies have no regard for peace in their grand strategy for the world. They envision a chaotic world where war is perpetual and war is power. Their policy is not inspired by Wilson’s vision of democracy and cooperation, but by Hobbes’s vision of competition and domination. This is their strategy to destroy their rivals and impose their armed order.

Sarah Neumann

Sarah Neumann is a professor of political science and teaches political science courses at Universities in Germany

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