Hindu Bashing Continues: Pakistan Cries – OpEd


The consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya was divine and grand. Pakistan could not bear the happiness of India and Indians. Pakistan Cries by shooting a letter by its UN envoy Munir Akram; “I am writing to seek your urgent intervention for the protection of religious sites in India… and securing the rights of religious and cultural minorities in India.”

Pakistani leaders, their academics and the media never get tired of speaking and writing against India. They are the ones who are okay with the poverty of the Pakistani people dying of hunger. They are the ones who have no interest in Pakistan’s development. They are so unhappy with the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Most young scholars with the Pakistan National Defence University appear to be encouraged by their mentors to write anti India articles focusing on Kashmir, Indian Muslims and minorities. Some Headlines of such India bashing articles: ‘Eroding Secularism In India’, ‘The Fear Of Hindu Rashtra In India’, ‘How Hindu Nationalism In India’, ‘Sensitizing Pakistani Hindus Migrating To India’ ,‘India: Hindutva Threatens Democracy’,‘BJP-Led India: A Partner In Question’, ‘Is Hindu Religion Discriminated Against In India?’, ‘South Asia Is Endangered When The ‘Unholy’ Realities’ ,‘Minorities In India’, ‘Were 30 Years Of The Slaughter Of Kashmiri Hindus’, ‘Modi’s India Darker Side Emerges: What Happens Next’, ‘The Lynching Of Democracy In India’,  ‘Modi Fans The Flames Of Hindu Nationalism Over Israel, ‘Modi’s Anti-Minority Policies And India’s Upcoming Elections’ and so on and on.

Pakistan reputed papers also carry such editorials; “Bursting Saffron Terror India’s hyper-assertive foreign policy, often tinged with an undercurrent of Big Brother arrogance, is raising concerns about its regional ambitions and the potential destabilization that may cause to the region”. 

Ideology of Akhand Bharat epitomizing Hindus as a civilization to rule the world is misinterpreted at purpose by the India haters from across and let me be blunt by some Muslims across the world. Hindus have never ruled the world but India being the oldest civilization has given a lot to the world as a Vishwaguru (teacher) because of India’s rich cultural heritage. YES, the dream is to be global player but not through military hegemony. The thought of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” or the ‘World is One Family’ “One Earth-One Family-One Future” is based on India’s ancient scriptures. Modi; “This Era is of No War” and India never wanted or will ever invade its neighbours. 

Gyanvapi Mosque-Varanasi

An ASI Survey Report submitted in the court says that 5000 years old temple existed below the “Gyanvapi Mosque” with this goes the Aryan Invasion Theory and also the Rakhigarhi-Hissar archeological excavations are being done to trace its beginnings and to study its gradual evolution from Pre-Harappan phase believed to be 5000 years older. 

As per the survey report, 32 different evidences have been uncovered pointing to a huge temple structure under the present-day mosque. Sanatan inscriptions on the wall in Kannada, Telugu, Devanagari and Grantha scripts include the three names of Lord Shiva ~ Janardan, Rudra and Omeshwar. Broken statues of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha have also been found buried in the basement. Swastika emblem has also been uncovered. A broken stone mentions the original order of Aurangzeb ordering the demolition of the Shiva Temple and construction of the mosque. It mentions the date of demolition as 2nd September 1669. 

The Wave of Islamization

During the period known as Islamic Conquests, Muslims were building mosques and leaving their marks around the world by converting many churches and temples into mosques in Europe and India. A disturbing wave of Islamization has been continuing in the 21st century across western nations, including Britain, Canada, Australia and the US. The Muslim community is buying churches and converting them to mosques. Canadian Muslims are considering this as a “sign of Islamic conquest”. 

Awakened Hindus

There has been a paradigm shift in the image of India globally. India has moved closer to becoming a global power pivot under the astute leadership of Prime Minister Modi. Yes, for India earlier the cultural heritage and religion may not have been important Modi has awakened the nation about its centuries old rich heritage. But the majority awakened Hindus will be proud of their religion and walk with their heads high across the world. It’s important for a nation to take clear stand on issues that threaten global peace. Offshore Anti Hinduism rants are instigated by the frustrated inland political adversaries. 

Rest be assured India will NOT become a sectarian and fascist state like many Muslim nations. Indian Muslims, Christians and others will continue to have the freedom to practice their religion. Those who stand on the right side of the history will undoubtedly benefit from it, while those who stand on the wrong side will be the losers.

“Life of Muslims in India is much better than the majority Muslim countries be it Pakistan, Iran or Afghanistan. Wish you all visit India before you write on hearsay rumours or what you read.  Indian Muslims have greater freedom of speech, right to practice their religion and their women exercise greater freedom. Indian Muslims have held the highest positions in all Government offices including the President. Advice to my friends, former sisters and brothers across is to rein your country from the ills of your Politicians and Military and learn about the advantages that the growing India can offer to Pakistan than to continue with Hate India campaign.

Patial RC

Patial RC is a retired Infantry officer of the Indian Army and possesses unique experience of serving in active CI Ops across the country and in Sri Lanka. Patial RC is a regular writer on military and travel matters in military professional journals. The veteran is a keen mountaineer and a trekker.

2 thoughts on “Hindu Bashing Continues: Pakistan Cries – OpEd

  • January 30, 2024 at 10:54 am

    A great analytical think piece by the author Patial RC. Congratulations

  • January 31, 2024 at 3:38 am

    Hindu Bashing continued on Foreign Media Covering Ayodhya Ram Mandir Ceremony with Frenzy Headlines:
    The New York Times: Modi Opens A Giant Temple, A Triumph Toward A Hindu-First India; “reinforced a sense of despair and dislocation” for the country’s 200 million Muslims.
    BBC: Ayodhya Ram Mandir: India PM Modi Inaugurates Hindu Temple on Razed Babri Mosque Site replaces a “16th-century mosque razed by Hindu mobs in 1992.
    The Guardian: Modi Inaugurates Hindu Temple on Site Of Razed Mosque In India.

    Washington Post: Modi’s Consecration of Controversial Hindu Temple Caps Years-Long Campaign triumph of his Hindu nationalist ideology over the “secular, multicultural vision espoused by India’s founding fathers.”
    CNN: Modi Hails a New ‘Divine India’ As He Inaugurates Controversial Hindu Temple Ahead of Election
    Modi’s dream to create a distinctly Hindu nation.”
    And again the DAWN: Ram won’t help but Nitish might- IN the end, the bluster of Ram temple could not lift Narendra Modi’s spirits and he had to turn to Nitish Kumar for help.


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